Shirt Or Blouse? Mystery In Mind-Styling tips. Part 1 (men)

By what criteria cause a lovely man become a faithful follower of each? Why and when he wears both of them?

Here we are. Which cloth a man is ready to wear on their body daily or occasionally? How males select the exact item to express their mood and their perosnal style? It is more complicated than you think about them but easier for themselves to feel about the topic.

And it's their business, in any case. Heh.

By what criteria cause a man become a faithful follower of only one and not of the two? Or of both of them? Practicality, due to elasticity in the fabric so comfort of body movement? Sweat, that is more easily absorbed in the blouse? Colors and prints? So this is the simple 1st thought on this topic.

What about the athletic spirit? Who cares of the casual mood? Is there elegance in the sewing part on the shirt? The sleeves's absence that some boys love to? Do T-shirts fold smartly, so they save on ironing time? This could be a 2nd thought then.

Shirts step in elegance.

Elastic fabrics, cotton, viscose, dark or light colors, sparkly white, classic or modern, with many buttons, tight or wide in design, these are words about a shirt.

A shirt that can be worn easily. Read why.

  • Here is a truth about shirts.

  • The most fit a body is, the easier a shirt suits on it.

  • Practicality needs elastic forms to avoid dangerous stretching. This could destroy the cloth by hard movements on armpits and arms.

  • So it's smart for you to search about the word ''elastine'' on the cloth labels.

  • An elastic shirt could show a less fit body looking great. When it's not tight it follows the body lines and it lovely hugs the shape of your breast and arms.

Blouses & T-shirts run in coolness.

Do you love any logo on your blouse?

Or you just care to feel comfortable in it?

Is there any famous firm you admire?