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Shirt Or Blouse? Mystery In Mind-Styling tips. Part 1 (men)

By what criteria cause a lovely man become a faithful follower of each? Why and when he wears both of them?

Here we are. Which cloth a man is ready to wear on their body daily or occasionally? How males select the exact item to express their mood and their perosnal style? It is more complicated than you think about them but easier for themselves to feel about the topic.

And it's their business, in any case. Heh.

By what criteria cause a man become a faithful follower of only one and not of the two? Or of both of them? Practicality, due to elasticity in the fabric so comfort of body movement? Sweat, that is more easily absorbed in the blouse? Colors and prints? So this is the simple 1st thought on this topic.

What about the athletic spirit? Who cares of the casual mood? Is there elegance in the sewing part on the shirt? The sleeves's absence that some boys love to? Do T-shirts fold smartly, so they save on ironing time? This could be a 2nd thought then.

Shirts step in elegance.

Elastic fabrics, cotton, viscose, dark or light colors, sparkly white, classic or modern, with many buttons, tight or wide in design, these are words about a shirt.

A shirt that can be worn easily. Read why.

  • Here is a truth about shirts.

  • The most fit a body is, the easier a shirt suits on it.

  • Practicality needs elastic forms to avoid dangerous stretching. This could destroy the cloth by hard movements on armpits and arms.

  • So it's smart for you to search about the word ''elastine'' on the cloth labels.

  • An elastic shirt could show a less fit body looking great. When it's not tight it follows the body lines and it lovely hugs the shape of your breast and arms.

Blouses & T-shirts run in coolness.

Do you love any logo on your blouse?

Or you just care to feel comfortable in it?

Is there any famous firm you admire?

Do you feel bold enough to spread a quote written on your T- shirt back side?

You may follow each fashion trend.

You create fashion by your own.

Or you just want to live wearing a cloth to your body, to protect it from the cold and hot weather.

Not bad. You don't make a mistake. Each one of us should keep an opinion.

Bulling in attitude acording to personal style is a hard situation among people.

Opinions and criticism.

You do not need a piece of cloth and its design to improve your personality, though. You have to be brave enough, to show that directly to people.

You owe to yourself the honor you deserve to from others. However, you may do not like others's style also.

Who told that we all need to keep the same taste on things or habits, fashion issues or any? And it's nice to keep your strong and serious character since your childhood.

Discover your unique style following your own preference.

Even you are a modern blond man or a cool brunette one, a fresh teen or a charming older man, you can choose whatever you like among an ocean of shirts to dress up your upper body part.

Men love shirts and blouses based on their needs.

What is certain is that most of men have both types of clothes, but they love one on a regular basis! As a stylist, however, I dare to find out what a body and its natural style in order for each outfit to stand out from a person.

The one who usually prefers one species in all circumstances moves ideally comfortably. Besides, there are blouses made of precious fabrics or with delicate knits as well as very sportive shirts for all tastes!

Ladies, friends, relatives please do not push your lovely men on your own shopping tips.

All that remains is to respect their opinion and not try, whoever accompanies them in their purchases, to change or force on them by imposing other preferences on them. I am also happy as a designer/ stylist to those men, who are always serious in themselves and what they think that suits to them. And when I advise about the style of whoever asks me for it, I enter his own mind again, to analyze the style that makes him feel and look handsome and cool!

Had I told you?

I have to reveal you, that I always love wearing black or dark colored T-shirts, right? They are easy to wear, they come out quickly, they are cleverly combined with all styles and accessories, they are scandalously some times and so much they are transformed on us. Do you keep secrets? I often think that I keep a boyish and extremely practical side in me. You laugh out loud right now, don't you?! I can hear you, my friend. And I am smiley when both inform & enjoy you.


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What could you tell me about your blouses or shirts?

Do you love or hate keeping both of them in your wardrobe?

Do you follow any reason about your exact styling?

Whose stylish help you get, when you go for shopping?


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