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Shoe Storage - 2 Materials!

No tools.

An extra shoe rack will always be needed.
An extra shoe rack will always be needed.

After picking up the Christmas decorations and cleaning up

it's time for a more general arrangement.

And a promise for the new year that you will be more organized with your things.

And one item that takes up space is your shoes.

You have a crate that you throw away and regret.

Pieces of string rolling from drawer to shelf and from box to bag.

And your shoes that complain that they no longer fit in their case.

In the bathroom it's not a nice sight or right for them.

Moisture spoils them and they smell badly.

You decided it.

You 'll make a new place for them.

With 2 materials? Yes. Only!

  • Rope and a crate.

  • If you want, you can simply place your shoes in it.

  • If you only want 2 racks, don't do anything else.

  • You have them ready either with a long distance

(put the vertical one) or with a shorter one (put the horizontal one).

  • You just put your shoes.

  • 2 pairs up and 2 in is enough.

Just rope and a wooden crate.
Just rope and a wooden crate.

If you want to put more pairs here you have to create another shelf inside it.

For your lightest pair.

You will tie pieces of rope in different directions to make an extra surface.

It can withstand you to lean a couple on it, without cramming too many together and so that they don't get dirty.

Leave the nodes visible.

Natural materials look decoratively.

A nice stand for your storage room.

And for free, don't forget it.

A simple thought! Creativity and economy. Practicality and solution. No snobbish effects.

  • The surface is quite wide.

  • Your shoes stand firmly on it.

  • They do not stack with each other.

So simple creation.
So simple creation.

The simpler the idea, the more flexible things are, when it comes to storage.

  • You no longer have any excuse to throw your shoes away.

  • What do you think;

  • Time for a visit to your greengrocer...

Ready! A new shoe storage idea.
Ready! A new shoe storage idea.



Where do you put your shoes when you take them off in a hurry?



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