Why & How Impeccable Style Loves Uncomplicated People.

When & Why Your Styling Does Not Benefit You.

You spend money, time and effort to fill your home with goods for your style.

Running for the 30th jacket with an excellent seam.

Your shoes may cost more than a 3 - digit number of euros.

Perhaps each of your bags comfortably from sale feeds a family of 4 for a month.

Your make-up costs 400 euros at a time if we put the products on your table 1 by 1.

Let's not talk about your hand watch: its purchase price may costs you as many as 3 annual inspections of your car along with repairs.

You decorate your neck and fingers with several gems or chains since you consider them an investment.

  • You now go out.

  • Circulators!

  • And you make waves!

They turn their heads and stay in this position as if they have cooled down.

Everyone is looking at you. They admire you!

They ask who you are and you feel like you are a celebrity.

And you look like 2 and 3 people from the international and domestic scene.

“So you think, so you would like and so you hope to happen exactly as I write it here.

But it does not apply to reality.

You often get ignorance.

Drive your life crazy with a fight to convince yourself that you look perfect - but you go unnoticed.''

Why is this happening;

Because you imitate others.