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Why & How Impeccable Style Loves Uncomplicated People.

When & Why Your Styling Does Not Benefit You.

You spend money, time and effort to fill your home with goods for your style.

Running for the 30th jacket with an excellent seam.

Your shoes may cost more than a 3 - digit number of euros.

Perhaps each of your bags comfortably from sale feeds a family of 4 for a month.

Your make-up costs 400 euros at a time if we put the products on your table 1 by 1.

Let's not talk about your hand watch: its purchase price may costs you as many as 3 annual inspections of your car along with repairs.

You decorate your neck and fingers with several gems or chains since you consider them an investment.

  • You now go out.

  • Circulators!

  • And you make waves!

They turn their heads and stay in this position as if they have cooled down.

Everyone is looking at you. They admire you!

They ask who you are and you feel like you are a celebrity.

And you look like 2 and 3 people from the international and domestic scene.

“So you think, so you would like and so you hope to happen exactly as I write it here.

But it does not apply to reality.

You often get ignorance.

Drive your life crazy with a fight to convince yourself that you look perfect - but you go unnoticed.''

Why this happens;

Because you imitate others.

You saw it on a blog post, on a profile on Instagram, in a famous thing you liked and you blindly adopted the idea.

Like babies who are jealous of an ice cream held by another child and grab the same.

You end up showing one of the army of followers of the fashionable form.

And the modern entity for a while will change style very soon and again you will come 2nd like taking part in a secret hidden competition.

Was it worn by 3 or 5 people? The trend ended there.

To keep an elegant and interesting style you do not need money in bundles or color from the whole palette.

Neither expensive brands nor study on any designer collection.

  • What is it that someone has got when entering a space and everyone enslaves their eyes on it?

  • Why go somewhere and get compliments for his style?

  • How does he manage to attract people around him like a bee?

  • Without flirting. Without giving air for intimacy?

  1. Take a comfortable position wherever you want.

  2. Chill out.

  3. Write or just remind me what I will tell you.

It is a word: personality. It's yours. Your real aura.

  • Your true smile and mood.

  • Love for your neighbor.

  • Respect for people and the space you are in.

  • The choice to have a flexible and smart dialogue with all ages and social backgrounds.

  • And if you feel offended you keep level.

  • Your most beautiful coat is your own manners.

On the real material styling you will wear something that flatters you and not something you saw in a showcase page or person.

Choose simple seams and designs that will not scream "older season piece of X brand name" a month later.

Learn to do combinations. Dare to try fashion accessories.

Give enough for the comfortable pair of heels even if it is in the mustard color for an impressive appearance.

Give more coins for the earrings that you will wear for many hours in many places without looking trushy. They light on your face like the sun opens the day.

Give an amount of money to a cute bag that you will keep on a leisurely walk with friends but look at your laptop how it fits nicely in for your trip and your office worktime.

You can find very cheap and stunning parfumes directly from companies where you become a simple member and enjoy orders, discounts, gifts and many privileges.

Here is a smart solution.

Men and women today find ways to have smart materials - goods for their appearance by visiting for shopping stores, exhibitions, special events, designer studios or flea markets.

A piece of analysis ( in another article ) concerns the creation of what one loves, maintaining a friendship with a tailor / seamstress / designer / beautician.

  1. You need to find the professional you can trust your clothes to.

  2. His work will make you look like a celeb.

  3. Like a model independent of height and weight issues.

All people can look great. Plus...

  1. Learn to walk beautifully steadily with many types of shoes.

  2. Talk to your cobbler.

  3. He will be valuable to you in whatever you need.

But most of all, do not follow stereotypes in trends.

No, my dear!

Do not do the favor to your toxic friend and leave the makeup happy time to your 50s.

Let your face looking 15 years younger and also gain a beautiful skin from this treatment habit.

Do not hear, my friend, your strange buddy guy throwing punches at you, that a suit does not fit you because you look big enough.

The right fabric with a wonderful stripe in the weave and a vest inside or a fantastic color could make you look charming.

Are you tall and do not dare to try heels? The kittens ones were made for you.


A phrase that loses its power in front of the particular characteristics of the individual.

Here is an example; Let's say that straight hair is in fashion.

A woman with curly hair that straightens them every day, will eventually become bald. Extreme to become the next trend.

Imagine the same woman appearing with freshly bathed natural curly and shiny hair standing out in the crowd getting good words about the style of her hair.

It is good to look like unique.

''So you wear what suits you and makes you feel comfortable.

Behavior makes you seductive and your lifestyle in general attracts people.''

Style is to stay in the memory of the other about your personal manners.

Not because of your outfits or what you wear as being an ornament in a place.

This will set yourself and your way the new fashion trend.

You will be the new ''it thing'' that will inspire people.

Doesn't that sound nice to you?

I'm sure. It does to.



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