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The Empire Dress Style.

The smartest dress style for every body type?

Empire style - Easy fit dress pattern.
Empire style - Easy fit dress pattern.

If you search about the easiest dress fit pattern

You love #dresses.

It's a sad fact though that each dress never fits great to every body type.

Sometimes the wrong fabric cut pattern of a dress causes an ugly result.

The wrong dress style may makes you look trashy and bizarre.

Other times the correct dress style on a body takes your breath away.


Smart Empire Style on dress.
Smart Empire Style on dress.

#Empire_Style: gifts a smart effect on the body

There are basic lines when we take #body_measurement_numbers for a dress.

  1. the chest line

  2. the waist line

  3. the hips line

These three numbers follow the widest point on the body.

By this way we take the right size and all our clothes fit well on the body.

The most often troubles on bodies are these:

  • the combination of a wide waist to a small chest size

  • a huge chest size to a tiny thin waist line

  • wide hip size to thin waist

  • small line around hips to wide waist line

'' The Empire Style on a dress creates an awesome optical #illusion of a perfect body shape.
Not accidentally fact that #high_class_women in the past adored this dress style.
Adding decorative ribbons, bows, belts, flowers this style looked stunning...!''

It puts the #waist line on a higher position.

The real waist line stays hidden with any trouble about hips size remaining also hidden,

so #corrected, when you check the whole image.

The effect of a short upper part of the body makes your legs seem longer.

Elegance is surely won by this trick on a dress 's design, pattern, sewing.

Cute toddler in amazing Empire Style dress with embroidery.
Cute toddler in amazing Empire Style dress with embroidery.

Why this dress style looks elegant

The reason is that legs move always.

The movements of walking or dancing - even the dress is short or long - gives #energy to the dress.

It looks #airy.

Its material imprisons the eye sight.

Its length makes a cute revolution like the wind takes leaves, sharing them to the air.

Imagine this pattern on a:

  • wedding dress

  • casual dress

  • kid dress

  • shirt dress

  • long dress

  • short dress and more.

Each #detail changes a dress on its final image.

This means that this style is #polymorphic.

Easy to #wear it.

Smart to #fit.




Would you try this style on any new dress?

It's lovely to discover new stylish tips for your body.

I suggest it to you, as a stylist, sewing expert & designer.



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