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Time for sweet "Goodnight".

And in a fight with someone, never forget a "good night".

 Cute but naughty girl. Lady made me quarrel with my John.
Cute but naughty girl. Lady made me quarrel with my John.


Always welcomed.

Blessings are sweet hugs that turn into words.

Prayers in other words.

I'm sure you love them. Creating a nice peaceful mood means a quiet sleep time full of hope.

What could change this calm?

Sometimes a huge fight starts for no serious reason.

Like now.

I sat down to write here but suddenly I use another topic / title to show you, how things change ...

Keep reading and see what happens.

'' Why not fill the air with positive vibrations? For tonight. And for the next day, which comes in hours ".

What if a fight took part before?

We have voices to speak.

Voices exist to express our moods.

Rightly or wrongly it is a matter ...

The cat of our heart caused a quarrel between me and my love,

just before this picture,

as she tries her nails on handmade embroidery here, at last days.

I told John not to let her do it, but to have her cardboard box nearby,

to try its harmful activities there.

As all cats do.

And he, as her devoted buddy friend, smiled and put her on the table for fun.

With his own hands.

Oh my God!

This drives me crazy. If she now goes and does magic on the delicate fabric,

then from tomorrow she would try comfortably on a wedding dress, that I always wear to my sewing doll.

Are we serious?

Is ''Love'' letting the cat behave like a fashion designer now?


What's that mad action;

My job requires delicate care for my materials and creations, but Lady does not help me.
My job requires delicate care for my materials and creations, but Lady does not help me.

She has become a bad girl!

But I really love her.

I will not chase her to the balcony tonight.

So I watch her sleep while I break out here on my blog.

To calm down.

I always prevent its damage.

With anxiety. But running behind her.

Do you ask where John is?

In the bedroom.

He left me here alone, to find my peace, as he said ...

But do you want me to reveal you a magical conversation of my grandmother in my childhood?

"Never keep the "good night wish" unspoken, in your heart, even after an argument. Gift it to the other person ''.

Whatever the issue of noise, do not forget to say "good night" to your love.

It's like preparing a clean new rug for both of you to stand on.

Discussing the problem again.

With maturity and beautiful purpose.

With pure love.

To agree.

To love each other, again.

Without looking forward to the next morning.

Saying good night, you suddenly receive a huge hug and a big smile.

As John just did, watching me write the previous paragraph,

those moment I said ''goodnight ''to him.

Yes, the fight is over.

And Lady is still sleeping at the table.

(I hope she changes position later, pulls out her black and white body in the cardboard box she always likes).

Good night, my dears!


Question for you:

Does your pet cause quarrels between people living in your house?

How do you react?

I like to receive your answers.


Well, before you go to bed ...

(Available for a few more days. Don't miss it!)

Creatively yours, Marya
Creatively yours, Marya


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