Top 10 Beauty Items Under 20$(Even 5$) I Can't Live Without

We want them all. We need them all. We deserve them all. And we get them now. I know you all support my desires.

We talk about #money. We whisper about #style during hard times. If you have not got money in your wallet you feel strange. It's a hard feeling attending to lovely shopping times knowing that bills hold your hands bonded to the focus on each coin in your pocket.

“Any idea about a money - creator - machine? Whether you respect the fields of #science & #technology, I dare to confess that I hate their failure to design a gadget like this. To save us from #poverty. To share happiness on our #economical issues''.

Sharred wealth is the best point ever. It's my own opinion. Just because of the emotional quote you could receive from an action like that. I still keep the sweet hope to this discovery to see things getting helpful for everyone. And I know this sounds like utopia or tricky. Maybe more crazy than this life suits to. Chimera? But I wish about it. For me, for you and the humanity.

We all love beauty and good treatment or things. Not the wealth itself. Just beautiful products.

People often say they don't like #beautiful things. Maybe to avoid feeding the thursty mood we all keep about #needs. They pretend they don't need things just to feel plenty of everything. That is a fake feeling. In their private hours they feel jealous on people, who use daily products. We don't talk about luxurious objects. Just those daily little things for personal use or things we need to feel nice starting the day. As they can't get all these for themselves, they rate law the quality of everything in their mind, just to feel strong.

It's an option if you didn't mentioned before. Do you think they feel nice?

I don't thing so. Last time I catched a word of my friends, I realized that people could spend huge amounts of money for useless products. The life status of a person does not matter.

Let me reveal you, that I feel happilly shocked, when I see rich friends to search for logic