Trendy Hair Is The Healthy Hair.

Crazy hair never adds you beauty. Good shinny health hair does.

We talk about hair. Not the style itself.

Long, short, blond, dark, curly, straight, thick, brown, white, black, red...

All colors, shapes or lenghts look great, when it 's healthy.

Trendy hair style doesn't mean keeping a sick hair.

If you fight among hard technical works and changes in color every week, using hard products being in hurry, it's time to say goodbye to your hair.

Welcome to a bald head. And this consists to a nice style, also.

Many people like this nude head and many faces look extremely beautiful without hair on. But it's better to chose this style by a flashy idea and not reaching it as a result by your hair tiredness or hurt.

Are we clear in this?

Do you keep any precious advice from your hair expert? I do! Kyriakos told me - when I' ve been a hair model lost in his hair - this : '' Never let your rush to destroy your hair! ''
And I loved his professionalism more than ever...

You’ll be thinking why to treat our hair like gems.

That's why, my friends...

  • we 're not sure if we 'll have hair on our head for many years,

  • hair often shows healthy issues,

  • we change our whole style changing just our hair cut,

  • our mood changes, too, when we try colors or more on it

  • we reveal communication messages about our personality and personal styles appearing as :

  1. punk -

  2. emo -

  3. gothic -

  4. romantic -

  5. pop art -

  6. boho -

  7. vintage -

  8. classic -

  9. theatrical protagonists ... and more styles rule on our attitude.