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Walls In Bedroom.

Easy & quick beauty in your private room.

Just neutral colors makes the bedroom looking stunning.
Just neutral colors makes the bedroom looking stunning.

Searching about the craziest style for your bedroom

You love #bedrooms.

So many styles in decoration - so much stress to choose items.

The more you search about wall decorative ideas the craziest the mood becomes.

Here are the reasons why you keep a boring #bedroom.

  • You love many styles.

  • Huge items variety in stores.

  • Original handmade creations.

  • Adorable souvenirs rule in your house.

  • Gifts from lovely people fill your rooms.

  • You get in mess when matching styles.

  • Money can't help to add more character in this room.

What to mention 1stly

There are basic points when we take decisions to decorate bedroom walls.

  1. who sleeps in it

  2. how many persons share this room

  3. window's position - shape - number - size

  4. preference in colors

  5. personal style

These numbers helps when following any idea.

By this way we respect other people who live with us, we act by fun and not by egoism.

We try to add beauty in this room with useful, nice items.

As seen in photos ...

  • natural look is amazing. Just put plants.

  • anergy color on a canvas / frame adds dynamism.

  • wide, many, tall windows add great light. Minimal style in its best times.

  • boho style with cords, wood and clean white cotton. Leave it simple.

  • a modern wallpaper is enough to play the game.

  • a special small bookcase on a wall gives personality in the place.

  • playing with shades and color, lines and antithesis a room looks original.

  • one dark wall gives the whole style in the room.

  • keep it empty, clean. The absence of any decorative item on walls means calmness and class.

'' The more you try - the less good style you get.
This could be a summary in this topic.
Stay yourself. Keep it calm''

Many ideas exist to follow, when you try to fill walls.

This doesn't mean you have to hide every inch of it.

Simplicity is often better than impressive useless things .

On the other hand you bet on a special style.

Not bad...

It's clever though to renovate the style in the room every 6 months or annually.

Just to kick off a boring mood.

It's funny, creative and artistic.


We love bedrooms



It's lovely to discover new stylish tips for your places.

I suggest it to you, as a stylist & an interior designer.


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