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Want a New Office Corner Into Your Home?

The freebie tip list to decorate creatively your space.

Ready to focus on work?

You need a tiny place at home just to put a laptop and a seat. Just thinking.

#Working_from_home is not so easy as many people think. You need quietness plus a comfy corner to put the ideal #armchair_for_your_waist, a cute mug with coffee, perhaps a chocolate #cup_cake - of course you'll try at least 2 of them. ( Cup cakes, I meant! )

Don't laugh my friend. All 're lovely in life. Nothing more lovely than the taste.

The #taste_in_style, also.

“You have a design in mind for your stand, desk, table, shelf? Whether you prefer a round rustic #vintage_table or a neon color on your #minimal_desk or a warm #wooden_system_of_shelves - there’s a stunning way to create your lovely-to-work-in, place in your home.”
What to mention to win the #practicality plus the #style?

Keep your funny mood when creating beauty at home.

The main point is to feel cool, easy going and relaxed when you have to #work.

The danger to be unproductive exists from the moment you feel the place doesn't help you.

It needs something to revive, to light up, to inspire you. One can be addicted to objects while the other needs just the necessary #gadgets to work with.

Remember that working from home in an #office located in your personal space needs stability in daily plan and goals.

Don't lose yourself trying to play just with the style of the corner.

Work but don't get sick.

Work to live well. Never live to work hard.


Where do you work from? I 'd love to hear from you.

Drop me a line here or even in e-mail.

It's great to exchange views on topics.

P.S. 1. I am here for you, if you have Questions on how to find solutions in daily strange issues a home causes to us.

Living in houses means to move things or getting things damaged.

I 'll be happy to help you.

Just Ask me.

P.S. 2. Share & Comment. Subscribe & get your FREE gift from the ''about'' page for your salon renovation.




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