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What You Really Need To Feel, To Welcome A Lovely New Day

What you should keep in mind and heart when you wish ''Good Morning'' to people.

Enjoyment exists in the hand of the the cool, soft frost, which embraces the large glass in front of the car. The drowsy difficulty of seeing shapes, figures, things, life outside the car at dawn, as you try to put the key in the socket. It is early #morning.

The nervous noise as you start his engine. The dewdrops - until a few minutes ago around it - making you feel like you are in a cage of your thoughts. You have a desire to make your ears happy with one of the countless, special pieces of music!

The magic of momentary change and the passage from the darkness of relaxing daydreaming to the day of busy tension.

The moment you appreciate the fact that you wake up in a house, with lovely #people or with your interesting yourself, even alone. You are the best company of yourself. The second you #bless God for everything you get, each something you pray for and the hope to make your goals true in future.

The feeling of being good

The #feeling of being a #nice person to others gives you a smile. Helpful and supportive mood are your strong wings to live a useful lifetime.

The notes begin. The volume is low. Now, you slowly wake up your mind sweetly, for another day of agony. Let the melody guiding you.

And the melody calms you, enters early in the morning, like the water tries to pass from a difficult crevice. What if you ask for a little longer night, dark, quietness, so that your mind does not think about worries. Not to be afraid of future unknown details, to put into operation only the ears and the heart.

That daily tired body faithfully follows simply, robotically your plans. Doing another slow cycle in familiar, harmless, empty landscapes, just so that the musical composition does not end, which with the end of its time you know, that it will bring the light of day. It steals moments for another routine methodical time.

Make the night your supportive arrow

All this is called #life. Do not wait to be rich or famous to feel good. Live now. Meet people today. Your lovelies adore your hugs and advices to feel safe and happy.

Your car opens its door to let you travel your thoughts while saving the coolness of the aura in early morning. It whispers to the window and it refreshes your whole view in life.

The medicine about a sad mood is perhaps a song which talks to your heart. It may tells you GOOD MORNING! This same wish may be spreaded to people from the bottom of your heart!

I see your #smile. Have a nice new day, people.

Stay cool to welcome the #sun in these next minutes.


Who receive your early worning wishes? What is your lovely something you never get boring to do when you wake up?

Please feel free to answer me here and share the article to your social pages, if you think it would be a good advice to your lovelies.

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Blessings to you!


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