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Why An Arm Cuff Belongs To Trap Trends.

Jewel tips you don't know...

arm cuff is a special jewel
arm cuff is a special jewel

Stylists don't keep secrets to make you buy more items.

They try to help you looking better.

This is a sentence from a previous article.

In this, it's time to check, if 1 person names your style on jewels as amazing, that means you know, how to match fashion accessories for a great image!

Some times it's you, who insists on things you don't know. And you 're not a stylist.

It 's not your work. And it 's sure you appear with wrong items.

But think about your wallet. Jewelry items cost a lot.

If you need help on styling, you support your money getting saved.

Learn style - save money

This is not a simple phrase. It's not even a cold logo.

You just read a way to think. A true philosophy, a way of living.

Learning how to add beauty on your body,

  • you secure your happy daily feeling

  • you cause the creativity of your elegance sense

  • you discover hidden skills on fashion

  • you minimize all those money, spent on useless items

  • you save money for more activities, or

  • you keep them for any future plans.

An arm cuff is a special item

So you try the trend.

Known since ancient years, worn on men and women, handmade by gold or other metallic materials, ropes, threads, beads,...

Today this style matches a lot to Boho styled outfits.

Lovely item to all ages and for any time.

But let's be honest. All stylish jewelry items are not suitable for everyone.

We 've got the right to wear whatever we like.

We can't feel insulted, when asking opinions from fashion experts,

if we get an answer against our own decision/ taste/ style.

Why an arm cuff belongs to trap trends.

  • The arm cuff looks better on a well shaped arm.

  • In ideal weight, arm muscles usually stay tight

  • Gym helps arms looking great

  • Tattoo designs look nice on any body type

  • If an arm makes a jelly movement , this jewel removes the elegant vibe of the whole trend.

Nowadays is easy to complain about the body shaming as a truly nasty theme in attitude.

We should love all body types and it's fair to hug all the people, however they look like.

Being on any number on weight or height.

Some artists though who work on details, keep the hard position to tell the nude truth

-often strict words- about every issue on bodies.

Think that a stylist gets paid to create the best version of you.

He had been studying for many years on endless projects, to feel able to help you on styling.

He's not your friend to suggest you items out of the style theory, just because you love a trend.

At least, your respect on his job is demanded, to go both on, with the good deal.

Don't take it personal.

Anyways there are so many other jewel items to try on your body and styling moments.

Example=Many bracelets look fantastic on you, specially if you keep a cute nail style.

(And here I gift you a FREE TIP to correct a jelly arm:

Just try a cloth with a super cozy sleeve type, made by a smooth transparent fabric

or add beads on its edges, to attract the eyes on your best points).

That's a diabolic strategical way, isn't it? 🙂🙃😉😌

jewelry store
jewelry store

Search, Select, Try, Ask, Feel.

  1. Search among jewel trends

  2. Select your favorite stylish jewel items

  3. Try them visiting a store

  4. Ask a fashion expert/ stylist for tips

  5. Feel his precious knowledge for now and the future.

Appreciate the people who study the whole stuff of fashion, about styles, they live with art and similar subjects every day.

They keep a pure feeling close about art and the improvement they get is offered to you by good purpose:

  • To add beauty on your image

  • To inspire you creating a new look by your own

  • To show you the power of the correct stylish item

  • To teach you how to avoid trap trends

Never forget... You can learn how to style yourself.




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