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Why Kids Should Keep Their Own Styling View.

Why they dare & can to.

In this picture you meet the gang of my heart.

4, 6, 8 years old adorable, beloved, cute, devoted, (believe me, I could build a whole list of sweet words in alphabetical queue for my #kids).

Yes, of course I am a #mommy who would die for them -as the most of moms in the planet.

Love for our #children is not the theme in this article, though. We talk about fashion. 🏝️

But you won't read another boring suggestion list of ideal clothes for your lovelies. I promise.

Come in next, to enjoy what happens in these times.

  • So, kids wear clothes.

  • And shoes.

  • And fashion accessories.

  • And each drawer feels like the''Crazy Bomb: ready to explore'':

  • into them exist clips for the hair,

  • sandals with glitters,

  • sandals with flowers,

  • dresses with belts or not,

  • shirts for boys,

  • cap hats for cool boys,

  • bags for little princesses,

  • backpack for charming boys,

  • jewels for pretty girls

  • end of this paragraph should be put here!

You now join the next interesting paragraph which supports the previous one. 🙂

Who are those rude objects on the table waiting you? Asking for your hands?

Multicolor, various in shape, effective... pills are available for moms.

Don't laugh. 🙂

How many times you face this crazy situation?

Dads stay close, wondering what comes next of screaming voices, which cover up dynamic words of these small people.

Cz they want to wear an exact cloth.

The other red hat.

Another cotton scarf.

The brand new plastic bracelet.

The yellow dress,

The blue trousers and so on.

I must stop the mad list here. 🙂

You are ready to scream, too.

To force them to follow your idea in their styling.

Please, my friend, read again.

YOU are ready to force THEM to follow YOUR idea in THEIR #styling.

Translation in the Official Kid's Language:

''You pay their own clothes but kids don't keep heads without opinion about THEIR own #IMAGE.''

Kids are people, too. Like you and me. Little people can't think as formally as adults do but their personalities get build day by day within life #experiences and views in everything.

You won't be the new hero in your own''thread of Ariadne'', like in the Greek myth.

You help your kids to have clothes, but don't feel like guiding them out of their styling labyrinth.

Here is not a school subject, not a life solution to make the moment so tearfully serious.

Fashion adds fun and fills needs. It's better to explain to your young treasure-people in some sentences:

  1. #Appreciate your styling items, as so much people aren't able to get dressed even in the cold weather. They are poor. There are people nude by #poverty.

  2. Feel and love more some of your clothes but take care of all of them.

  3. It's a right to chose your items but feel useful in a community. #Donate some items but #respect people who receive them, keeping the items clean and safe.

  4. Kids think ad rethink. Let them joining in #creative_conversations.

Let them having #personalities.

Not just good personalities.

The 1st step is to have the right to create a personality.

The next is to build a good one.

Trust kids feeling lovely in their own image.

And to not let #my_story in mess, in the main photo:

  • my big Lady, Miss Pea wanted to look cool & sporty in long shorts but girly top,

  • my medium President, Miss Bean desired to look classy but in a summery mood, in an all cotton handmade floral dress,

  • my small Sir Lentil felt the seaside aura breezing close in his #stylish_idea.

You laugh with their names I use to give them- as a crazy mom I revealed that I am, earlier -but the only I cared of at those precious family times in the amazing hotel there, was to enjoy our trip.

Images change easy. Colors hug us anyways. Moments in life pass quickly and letting kids to rule in them is the best we can do to admire their character getting in shape.

All together add smiles by their differences among their taste.

I 'd never change that and here is Milagros the stylist who 's talking.

Mom stays back for a while.

The artist tells you to let kids expressing their ideas on their own styling.

It's a pure creative & funny time for all.

Why to miss this #fun, then? 🏝️


Do you know kids who rule on their style?

I'd love to hear from you.

Drop me a line here or even in e-mail.

It's great to exchange views on topics.


P.S. 1. I am here for you, if you have Questions on how to find solutions in daily strange issues styling causes to us.

Living in style means to add beauty on us, saving money at the same time. You 'll find more and more in study course F - fashion or S - styling together.

I 'll be happy to help you.

Just Ask me.

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