Why Kids Should Keep Their Own Styling View.

Why they dare & can to.

In this picture you meet the gang of my heart.

4, 6, 8 years old adorable, beloved, cute, devoted, (believe me, I could build a whole list of sweet words in alphabetical queue for my #kids).

Yes, of course I am a #mommy who would die for them -as the most of moms in the planet.

Love for our #children is not the theme in this article, though. We talk about fashion. 🏝️

But you won't read another boring suggestion list of ideal clothes for your lovelies. I promise.

Come in next, to enjoy what happens in these times.

  • So, kids wear clothes.

  • And shoes.

  • And fashion accessories.

  • And each drawer feels like the''Crazy Bomb: ready to explore'':

  • into them exist clips for the hair,

  • sandals with glitters,

  • sandals with flowers,

  • dresses with belts or not,

  • shirts for boys,

  • cap hats for cool boys,

  • bags for little princesses,

  • backpack for charming boys,

  • jewels for pretty girls

  • and...an end of this paragraph should be put here!