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Why🌿Special Washbasins?

Because your bathrooms deserve them.

Elegant washbasin
Elegant washbasin

🌿 A basic item in your bathroom 🌿

The washbasin.

  • The place where you wash your face and hands.

  • The place you put even for a short time your cosmetics and soaps.

  • The place which needs the extreme way in cleaning.

At least for 3 reasons.

  1. To feel safe, clean, healthy.

  2. To feel great when you prepare your make up - if you use to do it in the bathroom and not in another room.

  3. To feel comfortable when you need to use the washbasin faucet, as you do with the bathtub's one.

🌿 Modern / minimal

It may looks luxurious made by

  • marble on surfaces,

  • put on expensive bases of wood,

  • with extra shelves around.

  • Following minimal stylish lines.

  • With modern bathroom accessories.

  • Neutral colors - clear cut on shapes.

Original, simple design, practical and amazing.
Original, simple design, practical and amazing.

🌿 Artistic / original / natural

It may be made by

  • stone - natural or fake-,

  • having edgy details,

  • simplicity - practicality option,

  • rough edges,

  • handmade art on surfaces,

  • tile absence,

  • dark wall colors,

  • amazing brushing ways.

  • Accessories follow the pure simple design.

Eccentric cement - unique style.
Eccentric cement - unique style.

🌿 Eccentric / bold / extravagant

It may be made by

  • cement

  • ceramic

  • corian

  • special color effects

  • artistic details

  • bold design lines

  • edgy design

  • matched to dark tiles.

Nostalgic vintage / lovely rustic/ village style
Nostalgic vintage / lovely rustic/ village style

🌿 Nostalgic vintage / lovely rustic/ village style

Would it be made by

  • vintage ceramics? Why not...

  • Stone,

  • cement,

  • with old fashioned accessories,

  • decorative base,

  • used look on its bottom side,

  • rough details when fixing to the wall.

So you see that keeping a washbasin in your bathroom needs a plan.
You can follow both your stylish desire using it in your daily treatments, too.

You need its practicality and it needs your cleaning and repairing care.

Try to use mild liquids to remove stains and never hit objects on smooth surfaces.

To keep its beauty and style just awesome.

🌿 In the musical video clip here on 01.44 min : Pure Industrial Washbasin Style

Made by

  • ceramic

  • simple tiles

  • geometric lines

  • basic practicality

  • for strong use in public places

  • simplicity.

What style your washbasin loves to?



What kind of washbasin you keep ?

I would love to hear from you.

Send it to me here or even to e-mail.

It's great to exchange opinions on topics.




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