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Why To Love T-Shirts! (Men-Part 2)

Why they wear T-shirts so often.

'' - Take a chance to try something #new. Why not?''

'' - No way. I won't wear #shirts even at the office. I hate the ironing time, I don't like to fix buttons, it mads me to clean stains on #sleeves when writing.

And I love to keep more than 2 #T_shirts in my daily backpack. Understood? ''

This is a common dialogue.

From the mouth of someone as an answer to you.

After your kind question to him to try a modern shirt.

Just to leave in rest a dozen of T-shirts he keeps in his wardrobe by his teen years.

No, those T-shirts or more, old or new won't rest in peace.


No result, my friend.

If a man adores a type of a #daily_cloth he gives real senses to this item.

His T-shirt keeps its own personality.

It 's like holding the stunning solution on #styling.

This T-shirt effectively calls much more ideal items to get worn at any time.

No chance to a shirt to feel among them as king, then.

I 'd agree. Yes, me. Confessions of a stylist-designer.
T-shirts are lovely, easy in styling, cute, comfy, ideal for any time and cool! Both casual & elegant.

What to check on a T-shirt?

It's not so #easy_to_wear a T-shirt all the time.

Here are tips which help you to mention its worth.

To feel great in it. Confident and dressed up correctly.

To wear it in proud and not limit your access in a place.

What about its style?

3 basic styles:

1 .Wide, loose and sportive,

  • easy for daily activities,

  • cozy times,

  • to go out for a walk,

  • for sports,

  • to meet friends at the beach-bar,

  • to enjoy with your puppy,

  • to sleep in it...

2. Close to the body,

  • stylish,

  • simple,

  • single color,

  • series of items in black white grey colors,

  • pale colors to add light to sportive suits,

  • V neck,

  • round neck,

  • buttons on neck cut line,

  • special stamps in gold or silver color...

3. Stylish ''it'' item,

  • made by chains,

  • leather parts,

  • tulle & nylon,

  • fine crochet,

  • expensive fabrics cut in shapes,

  • minimal & elegant,

  • high/ close neck,

  • eccentric cut lines,

  • personalized design...

Now you know! Never stop loving your T-shirts!

I do the same!



Which could be your T-shirt?

I love to hear news from you.

Tell me here or by e-mail.

t's great to exchange opinions on topics.






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