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Why You Never Find Ideal Items In Your Wardrobe?

A safari trip in your own jungle.

Who was the smart one leader on a mad shopping safari before a week?
Who was the smart one leader on a mad shopping safari before a week?

Do you search what to wear? Again?

When trying to do #styling, a #cloth cries cz you ignore it and another smiles cz it's on you.

Many suggestions about #style, #ideas and glam thoughts that you'll look perfect ruin in your head.

Be silent, please!

I know you'd like a wardrobe like this.

The ideal wardrobe in your mind. Isn't it?
The ideal wardrobe in your mind. Isn't it?

I know what you dream about the topic.

A #wardrobe tided, clean, full of everything #in_style.

And a calm expert #stylist to advise you in a lovely joyful mood.

Not in your own place... keep dreaming!

So, in yours I checked some things...

Who was the smart one, THE leader on a mad shopping safari before a week?

It was you. Smile!

Who keeps:

  • 8 white #shirts ideal for the office? ( They all look great, but are you sure that your need is keeping 8 pieces with similar details on each of them? ) You did that.

  • Let's meet the person who keeps 6 similar T- shirts ( all in red color ),

  • 12 black #blouses ( like copies of the 1st one ),

  • 6 #coats ( 80% of them in the same beige color ) and

  • 7 pairs of #denim jeans in #skinny_style. ( Now you feel angry cz you 'd look amazing in a #baggy_styled one but your #money disagree on these actions.)

  • You did many, then!

similar white shirts
similar white shirts

Don't try to teach your excuses...

... running to cover your paranormal shopping storm.

Are you laughing?

The endless shopping mood is an expensive plus executive sport/ job.

Tip 1 . If you are not involved in the fashion world / as a rich shopping addicted one or as a prof stylist, then you have to be smart, easy in learning, effective in need lists, cool in clothes 's combinations and logical about their purchasing demands.

🌺 🌺 🌺 🌺 🌺

Tip 2. Keep the labels of each cloth to treat it well later.

similar black shirts
similar black shirts

Don't escape from the topic, dude...

 Don't escape from the topic...
Don't escape from the topic...

Hey, come back!

We talk about a serious attitude. It's not about teens who try to discover their own style.

#Fast_fashion industry provides - maybe helps in a tiny way* - people to have a respectful variety of clothes, #fashion_accessories and more.

To feel #trendy, following the #life_standards.

To exchange easily #clothes.

To be able to cover their own #body.

( * We have to talk for hours in many pages to explain the hard topic. )

The quantity of fashion items never adds you style.
The quality of fashion items, does!

stylish clothes
stylish clothes

How to be sure for a cloth that deserves your money

Of course you mix some styles and many items to get an outfit cool and elegant.

I guess 1 of each kind of clothes is never enough to live comfortably a daily life.

But take care of these things below.

Trying to keep clothes with:

  1. safe details like buttons, beads, ribbons,

  2. a good thick fabric

  3. strong stamps and straight,

  4. fine seam lines

  5. clear colors... are sure that you can appear in every event dressed up in the best way.

You keep all the kinds of quality, prices, worth in your cloth collection.

Protect your clothes. Love them all.

Use the better for official reasons, like work time or celebration days.

Wear your tired items working in the garden, repairing your home equipment or playing on the ground with your adorable dog.

many stylish clothes
many stylish clothes






I 'd love to hear from you.

Drop me a line here or even in e-mail or socials sites.

It's great to exchange views on topics.



Marya Milagros
Marya Milagros



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