Why Your Grandma's Home Is The Most Lovely Stylish One During Easter Days.

What Makes The Air Around Her Magic And Creatively Positive.

How lovely feelings get when reminding your grandma treating you well each time you visit her home. The magic in kitchen steals your mind. Delicious tastes and pure love fill the air.
Sweet Easter days full in emotion thinking of grandma.

Easter days came again in this year like each one does. Traditional habits cause you to improve them. Some people ignore at these days every past year's events. There is a part of people though who count each moment to meet again their beloved human beings. #Grandparents consist the best team to feel like a child not growing up.

I could never forget the knitting of the bamboo ribbons on the wooden skeleton my #grandma taught me when I was 9. Her secrets on how to tight the materials to make it a comfortable chair then were precious. She knew how to fill me confidence, that I can do it by myself.

One of the best actions to other people is to support their desire to learn and apply their skills thinking the positive result.

Her daily life was hard in time schedule. 7 kids asked their mommy to help them and work also on cooking, baking, create homemade sheep cheese right after my grandpa provided it from the animals in aluminum vases. Add the house cleaning, the helpful mood to kids after their school demands - even she didn't know many things about the Maths or more.

Women at those years didn't follow study courses.

We talk about years after real bloody wars & needs to survive. Just. :(

Believe me, my friend, if you want something by heart, the whole event 'll come true because of your pure need and love on what you asked for. She did it right, then.

I loved crafts in many subjects watching these 2 people doing so many things learning from their own tries. Free and effectively. So my time was never wasted again. We gave shape and taste to the most smooth cookies into the old built oven. Saving the milk, the cocoa or sugar in jars for more recipes.

The poor house smelled like a fairytale. I was a smiley child. These were life lessons. In my fantasy I was living in a wonderful palace, not into a stone house existing from 1910!

My mom's dad was lovely creative. I wonder how he prevented everything in its best way. Miss you, so much, grandpa!
Grandpa runs during all the day on works. Life in the village needs strong people.

My mom, as the oldest among her brothers told often that her dad was lovely creative. Wondering how he prevented everything in its best way. Miss you, so much,