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Working Hard From Everywhere

Love for your work creates lovely times.

Creativity follows you everywhere.

You don't need to #work every day in your city, office, house, room.

There is no limit to visit places.

  • You don't need

  • your minimal #desk,

  • your comfy grey #work_chair,

  • your plants in your patio to get fresh air,

  • your own blue cup to drink your coffee.

Life needs sweet moments.

People invite you to work from everywhere.

And this is amazing chance for you to try your #flexibility.

Working even hard to trust yourself more difficult #projects.

I love to #design or #write sitting somewhere in #nature.

When I do it from #home, I always love my #balcony.

Keeping a small hand - painted table there, I use it like a beautiful desk.

I made the decoration in that way to let it bringing me in nature.

If I'm invited then to join a bride -doing her styling and details about the wedding event,

I love the whole experience:

  • meeting #places and #people,

  • attitudes,

  • colors,

  • smells,

  • shapes,

  • voices.

Creating life moments.

Like today.

And I know it'll be a hard day.

But full in smiles and #happiness.

Have a nice weekend, my friends.

Take care of yourself and your lovelies and

live, smell, hug, drink, walk, dance, feel #life.

Where are you working from?


An artist with passion can be your best friend.

Trust him/ her!


Where are you working from every day?

I'd love to hear from you.

Drop me a line here or even in e-mail.

It's great to exchange views on topics.


P.S. 1. I am here for you,

if you have Questions on how to find solutions in daily strange issues styling causes to us.

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Creatively Yours,


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