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Your Body Rules on Your Styling: Secrets Your Ears Can Tell You. (Part 1)

Creative ideas to be careful of when you desire to upgrade your styling.

Styling loves #jewels. Earrings add light and beauty to the face and many people love them. Men usually use those earrings which need drilled ears, like hoops, chains and designs tangent on the lobe of the ears. There are many kinds of technicks when creating #earrings. Using a variety of materials in a large range of sizes, also.

“You have to mention that all kinds of earrings do not suit to all kinds of #ears. People have got small or big ears and the #lobes could be wide or even missed. This issue can be corrected on #styling trying some secrets on the #earring_design

The first you have to realize is to ensure, if the ear stays close to the #face. The next step is to check the size of the ear related to the whole face/ #head size. The closest the ear stands out to the face, the easier is for it to wear a variety of earring designs.

How ears change in ages.

In young #ages your ears look smooth in their #skin and the movements when touching. As being a young person just match earrings to your favorite style. If the ear stays away of your face keep a longer style in hair and when updo it, leave some cute tufts to cover the ears. You can wear small or big earrings, plus links or blingging ones. All are lovely.

After years in a mature age ears often look rough and they appear some changes like #lobe_aspects or changes on their flaps. Do not feel any fear. Ask a doctor about it, because some times this means a symptom of a skin condition or other sickness.

You can cover this styling trouble wearing earrings which are made of a basic part keeping the #clasp behind it. An earring which has got a part tangent on the lobe can make you able to wear all the kinds of earrings, short even long.

Fashion adds a smile in our daily life, so try more and more of jewel items to find your amazing style.

''Earrings should fit well on your ears.''

Make earrings to fit correctly tight on your ears, not to hurt you of course, but nice enough to not lose them, if your hair plays in movements with them. Collars or scarves could make hard the life to lot of earrings, too.

Remember to add something of your #personality in your way to wear jewels. Noone can know you better than yourself. A pair of earrings may add beauty on your face or you just try them as a fashionable trend.

In this blog article there is a focus on the lobes or strange ears, which try hard to look beautiful. There is an approaching view on the design of earrings which could solve this issue.

In a next article you will learn which designs on earrings are suitable to each style of fashion and your #body_type.


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