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Your Sunglasses Teach You Styling (Part 2).

From pop to eccentric style.

A trendy girl wearing mirror sunglasses
A trendy girl wearing mirror sunglasses

A tiny object on your face.

A huge + on your image.

A dangerous way to look modern, stylish, elegant.

Look! Don't confuse the eccentric style to the bad taste of fashion.

A bold design needs someone who is able to maintain the trend line on his whole style.

It's a silly habit to wear an object just to show you did a sale.

It's the silliest thing to keep things out of your style just trying to mimic influencers and celebs.

Not bad, but it's better to check/ try what suits to you.

And don't feel jealous when another person looks great in each paranormal fashion trend of #sunglasses.

It's a talent given by both natural image and a focused attitude. 😊😉😊

What to feel fear for?

  • Crazy #colors. Many colors don't suit to your skin/ hair tint

  • #Mirror_effect. No matched to each hour/ event/ style/ cloth/ age.

  • Low price. Your #eyes are precious.

  • Huge price. It's not a proof of quality, actually.

  • Size. Every #face keeps a special shape/ size.

  • Firms. Some offer a full collection of designs and others not. Find your own style.

  • After sales service. Damaged items should be fixed properly.

  • Fashion #trends. You are not forced to follow each one like being a fashion victim.

  • Age is a pure number, you can wear whatever you like, but all trends can't get supported by everyone.

  • Following trends just cz your friends do it is a ridiculous idea. You are not a soldier in war mood to attend your sergeant 's orders.

'' But it's not just about getting them. Think about where and how you will wear sunglasses. We buy them for use. Not leaving them in a storage''

Get stylish by your own way

Check what makes you feeling great.

Try the most styles of sunglasses you can.

You never feel sure how you look, if you don't try various styles on your face.

Ask your mirror for your image.

Some times people keep their own - not specific or logical reasons - to attack you by a nasty word about your own styling.

Trust those persons whose style looks amazing without hard try.

Like a real friend does, am I right?

Just try 't!

( Article: ''Sunglasses'' - End of part 2 )

To be continued...

Stylish elegant sunglasses
Stylish elegant sunglasses


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