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I love D.

As we say decoration, design, dare, dream on... adorable places with practical but beautiful pieces of furniture which relax you. Do Decorations being smart.


You may ask why to do that. Because decoration is a kind of mood machine. Let me explain.

A clean, clear and stylish place makes you feeling great.

Imagine a hard day at your work. You look forward to finish and return at home. A warm shower would be nice getting your body hugged by a soft cotton towel. The olive parfum of a magical handcrafted soap calms each of your senses. You now wish to taste a hommish meal on the table while you are ready to watch your favorite TV serie. It would be better if a good friend could reach you for some worthy words bringing a ready meal box. To relax yourself at last. To avoid cooking and more tiredness.

Then you realize it's not easy. You left the room in mess, in half of a boring make over at the time you decided to not spend money on this month. This was told since 6 months by now. Oh, friend, you need money to buy new objects. Plus paying bills. And food supplies. 

Now you feel disappointed. You wish you could do it by yourself. No time - no money - no expertise. This is your pure thought. To clear your mind out you decide to go out just for an hour. This house does not attract you to stay in. And it's not a lie that your salary can't effort many drinks or snacks, too. Am i right? 

I am. Do you know why? It's because Ι feel you. Exactly. I 've been living in this position appreciating how tight this situation is for everyone. Want to know the best part? 

I was not alone on this adventure of living like this. My fiance was in the same pirate seat. Read on to find out what Ι discovered, at the time he accepted a great position at  his wok in a city located far away from our parent's houses.

Even Ι had studied interior and fashion design the reality is somehow strange when you keep an empty house. Yes! We were a young couple feeling in love to each other but we had got both bodies to need sleeping time on a real bed. Which we had not. And we had to serve plates to eat on a table. Which we had not, also. No sofas, no TV stand furniture, no shelves or arm cairs.

Voila... Maybe it could be a nice idea to hire the house to use in as a dance hall. You may smile now but on the 1st day we arrived at Nafplio city in Greece, the only proud thing we had to mention, was that this city was the 1st official capital city of Greece in the past. 


My stress was focused on all the info Ι got in my mind about: the decoration styles, fabrics, surfaces, colors, useful tips, do and don't, smart solutions, clever ideas to easy the daily  life, economy at shopping about the furniture, deals with experts - constructors, damage fixtures, practical ways to live easy, ideal examples of how to recycle, reuse, repair and create by myself as many as i could.


Not to save money only. There is a miraculous fact when you rule your own life. You feel able, talented, brave, expert to solve troubles. Suddenly you welcome a hidden worthy part of yourself. You can also help other people or you may tie relationships with others if you exchange help, advices, time and creativity. And here, guess. I just told you about...



It is easier than you think, cheaper than it's needed, smarter than ever, more practical than it seems learning by a professional content that stays yours. To check it as many times as you like, using tips. Changing your style and needs at your spaces with clever combinations and tricks.

It is a study course in a price that is very attractive to make it yours and so enjoyable to teach you keeping all info in lists. Clear lists like a catalog to see quickly on boards, what you have to follow to get the style you love to. Add all those benefits, as they are written in previous colored texts and you realize the value of the offered program here. 

I am going to share a lesson I got by life with you. Spending money for any issue with no guidance is like swimming in the ocean with no lifeguard. You can't select when and how, by where and what you need to add to a decoration project. The worst point is to create an expensive style finally but guiding yourself to huge debts with hard reason. Then you can't dare to go out or to do shopping for clothes, trying better quality on your food, shoes, personal treatments, enjoying trips or interesting lessons on a subject you need. Even the visiting times at a gym could sound like a luxurious habit. Don't you think you deserve all these and more? Why to miss all these? 


What if you keep your own family, kids and they ask you for sports training courses or books and more? Sad moments are those you need to explain to young people about hard situations they get, but just because YOU are responsible to. Here is the clue. It's so amazing to feel confidence and rule your own life. Your daily needs, your life images living in a space that makes you to love staying at home. Or inviting friends. Or working from home. To cook, to talk, to give a cool party. Doesn't sound ideal? And at the same time money in cash remain in your wallet.  


all ABOUT THE UNITS you get by analyzation


fabrics - colors


interior - rooms - office

outdoors - yard - balcony








myths & truths


worthy shopping



  • Here is the time & the place to get Answers at your Questions.

  1. Who is this study course for?

  2. Is this study course online or in person?

  3. Can I do this so on my own time?

  4. Is this study course good for beginners?

  5. What about people with education - skills on these fields?

  6. Why the study course is offered at such a steep discount?

  7. Who can I contact if I keep more questions about this study course?

  8. Can I get benefits if I am interested in more than one study course?

  9. How can I have access to the study course?

  10. When I could start? Are there any dates to follow?

  11. Is there any final test to try my skills after my focus to the study course?

  12. Shall I get the free weekly material from the site while I study the course?

  • Answers at your Questions are here for you.

  1. This study course is created with love and helpful purpose for everyone who loves decoration and beautiful places to live in. The age of the person who is interested in this material does not rule on skills. Even a very young kid can understand the easy way this course is written. If you are a mom or a student, a teacher or a builder, a farmer or a seller you will enjoy meeting your own ability to create beauty. Trying everything the course provides to you to live rich in your place. Saving smart money for a lovely new life - style, you would never believe you could live.

  2. This study course is online. You feel comfortable to have access to it, without spending time on getting to other places. You relax in your lovely room corner and you enjoy it. Download & save. It's yours, studying then even without internet connection.

  3. Of course you can focus on the course whenever you like to. No reason to run it in limited time. You decide when you feel ready to try it.

  4. This study course is great for beginners, as the simply way all the material is provided helps everyone to try it. You may not know any name of materials, colors, styles or anything related to them. Never mind. Few hours later the magic of the subject will make you happy. You could feel confidence, listing things like a professional. Your hidden talents will guide you to elegance and good economy. 

  5. People with education / skills on these fields will find the study course absolutely helpful in their life. It is important to have a full option on the subject you love, doing tests and using the course like a worthy personal notebook within its examples and its whole knowledge included in.

  6. This study course is offered at such a steep discount because it is an adorable, helpful, full summary of a larger study course which gets prepared for later in time. It is a real chance for everyone to grab to, as it almost keeps a precious material anyways. 

  7. If you keep more questions about this study course, if you like to get in examples and stuff about all the artistic work of Marya, you can contact directly within e- mail or social links.   

  8. Yes, you can get benefits and special prices, if you are interested in more than one study courses taking them as an ideal pack put at discount. Ask about more details contacting by e- mail.

  9. You can have access to the study course by the site here, on its exact page following the links and buttons. 

  10. You can start the study course right after your payment. At the time your payment receipt is sent to our e-mail and will appear there, you can start at the moment. Immediately. There are not any exact dates to follow. You let your free time to rule on.

  11. An enjoyable final test exists for you to try your skills after your focus to the study course. It is linked within social sites of the creator and you can try it again and again like a game, to feel sure about keywords and other stuff related to the subject. There are info in the study course to follow.

  12. Surely, you get the useful, free, weekly material from the site while you study the course, like each visitor or subscriber of the site gets it properly. 

Home Desk Art


  • 15 + 12 units = 27 clear parts analysing everything you need to understand about decoration.

  • To feel lucky about the chance you get to change your life. Not just to study.

  • To add style in your moments.

  • To save money by yourself, like being an expert.

  • Because you can do it.

  • Units - parts with exact titles and material to feel the smart way to live with decoration & beauty.

  • Here is the lovely list you will love to check.

  • This is the way for you to be serious on each project you had imagined to try in your own spaces. 

15 Units:

  1. What is decoration. What we mean in general and in parts when we use this word and the whole explanation about the rich subject it includes in it.

  2. Why decoration affects to your life. How you feel staying in a cozy place or in a damaged one and why. 

  3. People and attitude about decoration. How to face criticism about your taste in style and why you need to answer them.

  4. Myths & truths about decoration. What to ignore and what to mention to when you think about changes in your spaces.

  5. Styles in decoration. Lovely list of each style you had ever imagine that exists with lists of keywords and precious details.

  6. How to find your favorite style in decoration and how to avoid a mess.

  7. Safety, health, Eco-friendly spaces, comfort, habits, simplicity, luxury and serious first thoughts, whatever you decide to follow as style in decoration.

  8. Worthy shopping in decoration. What to ignore and leave behind your thoughts and what to appreciate in projects & works.

  9. Useless shopping and how to stay away of bad things to save money and style at the same time.

  10. D.I.Y. and examples. Crafts and adorable, easy, practical creations. Funny times with your lovely people trying art & economy.

  11. Appreciation and emotions while decorating. Feel deeply what you use in a daily mode and be the great human your heart loves to clap for.

  12. What to mention in deals with constructors, artists, sellers and advisors about decoration and how to escape by nasty deals.

  13. Expenses & savings. Examples in lists. Which object / furniture piece you can use instead of another for many reasons.

  14. Ways to increase your creativity in decorative mood. How you can win the goal to create an amazing place to live in without spending more & more time, money, sweat and pain with no reason.

  15. Be you. Show your unique personality in each space you love to live in. Your office can travel your mind in exotic places, your bedroom can make you feel like resting in a 5 star resort hotel, your kitchen brings you to delicious moments, like you get served in a chic restaurant and your bathroom reminds you that there is a real spa studio in your home, even using 3 clever tips in each of it. All are possible. And you are the owner of your abilities & habits.       

+ 12 Units :

  1. Interior, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, living room, office, yard, balcony.​ What you need in each place.

  2. Styles in decoration.

  3. Full list of details with keywords from each one.

  4. Fabrics and surfaces.

  5. Colors and materials.

  6. How to select an ideal, easy style in your places. Be smart.

  7. Combination in styles. How to create pure art. Add personality in each corner.

  8. Deals. Who can help you in creations? Whom you are lucky to ask for it?

  9. Sales, offers, clever shopping, items you can use for a lifetime. Avoid liers. 

  10. Smart shopping using reasons, logic, a smiley wallet and your talent in points.

  11. Worthy tips to appreciate close people, items, skills, chances, views of life. Your dreams which scream to you to make them a true realism.

  12.  Feel happy starting new habits, relaxed time, education and opportunities to useful exeriences. In this free time you create by yourself...  LIKE THESE HERE... 






  • You get the study course in a special price.

  • Which is offered just for a few days.

  • Just for you & all our special subscribers in the site. 

  • After this period of time, the study course will be offered in its full price and not in sale. 

  • So, hurry up, if you already imagine yourself in your new sweet life style without stress on how to add equipment in your home, office and more places. 

  • The only you need to feel the study course's positive effect in your life, is an internet connection to download this home study course and passion to live in beauty.


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