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's got style!

''S'' is a stylist! S means styling.


It cares for your good image. Not just yours. It's like a magic agenda.

It helps you with smart tips applying on you fashion strategies and look stunning. Isn't it lovely to keep your own precious notes with needs, elegant pieces on lists, prices, secrets about quality, design, styles, combinations among colors and surfaces of fabrics?

People love to get dressed well. Even those who insist that they spend the less time about styling issues, seem to like their image into the mirror. Perhaps their daily time schedule pushes them hard to run over on other activities. Each time though a specialist shares advices, they take part in this cute game of beauty.

Getting dressed well doesn't mean just to cover your body due to reasons about skin protection. Styling means expression, attitude, personal manners, view in life and sides of your personality. If you find an easy way to protect your wallet from killing itself in stores, then you are a happy shopping person.

Some times even close people hurt you by attacking with heavy words or even ignorant glances on your image. They usually get rude & toxic.

They criticize everything about other's outfits, weight, makeup, quantity or quality of accessories, shoes, hair cut, skin pores, bags, toes in shoes. If you'd keep in a clear list each nasty word from them on you, you'd fill a huge ark. What's that memory right now! Take a cup of your favorite coffee, sit and feel my crazy mood about those event! You won't believe the slap on my soul... 

When I was studying on Fashion & Styling fields one friend used to borrow clothes and more from me in a weekly mode. Stressed situation but she was a good girl! She offered me an honest explanation on why she did that. Her complains had to do with the impossible exchanging of outfit pieces with her sister. Her salary was low to help getting her personal items, too. These consist a problem.

But feel my view, please! It was somehow strange for me to create a new item -which officially was a precious and emotional part of my basic exercise at the university- and watching it on another's wardrobe. She delayed to bring it me back, too. In this way I lost the control of my own stylish ride, even I liked to be a nice friend. 


I dared a worthy decision to keep my notes on this attitude.

I know what you are thinking now: more friends did me this continuously.

Yes, you're right, but what I'll reveal you next 'll surprise you.

I had then to select a role for myself:

  1. whether I 'd be a victim human being/ a free art creator/ a pure friend or

  2. I could be proud, being an inspirable helpful artist/ a supportive stylist/ a lovely friend for this kind of people, who approached me by these reasons.  

Tell me the truth. Can you guess now, what happened next? I'm sure on this...

Friends asked me to help them in:


12 steps to Style Together :

  1. on their shopping lists,

  2. to show them how to do combinations among items getting smart easy outfits,

  3. to find solutions about damaged pieces,

  4. to decorate-repair-sew clothes (by patterns),

  5. to transform old items to new ones,

  6. to analyze colors & effect on moods,

  7. to explain how fabrics rule in fashion,

  8. to follow the correct celeb styling,

  9. to gift them tips about body types,

  10. to suggest a fresh makeup or hair style, 

  11. to introduce them in easy sewing skills &

  12. to give them ideas about gifts for their lovelies.






And the story didn't end up.

Every time I tried kindly asking for my creations, to tide them in my wardrobe, I faced more troubles.

Damages and stains, rips and holes appeared to prove me, that people often don't appreciate things belonging to others. This caused me a sad feeling.

So my simple thoughts of those years, gave me the inspiration to create the material of this study course with sincere love for both people and creations. 



I kept in mind that if I was not a student on these issues,

I 'd need a lot of money to get all my things repaired.



  • So the worth of your ability on making things right, is priceless.

  • Plus the pleasure to dare for original design and inspirable fashionable items.

  • Your money can't set your desire imprisoned.

  • Each time you appear at an event you know exactly how to amaze people with your image.

  • Every time you need a new item you know how to avoid spending money on similar things. 
  • Your gifts may be memorable to people mentioning your great taste in style.

  • It's a lovely moment when your creativity grabs a damaged part of a cloth adding beauty while repairing it.

  • An exciting shock makes you smile at the time you watch your impressed boyfriend, your lazy brother or your curious dad and your cute daughter asking to try these solutions about their styling issues.

  • Take it easy like a new hobby or an opportunity for a new part time job.

  • Thank people gifting your creative ideas, put on beautiful objects made by you.

  • Make your wardrobe rich in style. Add items in more colors, duplicate things you like the most, repeating the design on different colors. 

  • Try new trends or vintage images to get new interesting results. 

  • Live in a party with friends exchanging knowledge and ideas from all these you learnt by this wonderful rain of styling lessons.  

Your questions & answers get clear here

  • Here is the place & the time to get Answers at your Questions.

  1. Who is this study course for?

  2. Is this study course online or in person?

  3. Can I do this so on my own time?

  4. Is this study course good for beginners?

  5. What about people with education - skills on these fields?

  6. Why the study course is offered at such a steep discount?

  7. Who can I contact if I keep more questions about this study course?

  8. Can I get benefits if I am interested in more than one study course?

  9. How can I have access to the study course?

  10. When I could start? Are there any dates to follow?

  11. Is there any final test to try my skills after my focus to the study course?

  12. Shall I get the free weekly material from the site while I study the course? 

  • Answers at your Questions are here for you.

  1. This study course is created with love and helpful purpose for everyone who loves fashion and beautiful things to wear on. The age of the person who is interested in this material does not rule on skills. Even a very young kid can understand the easy way this course is written. If you are a mom or a student, a teacher or a builder, a farmer or a seller you will enjoy meeting your own ability to create beauty. Trying everything the course provides to you to feel rich in your outfits. Saving smart money for a lovely new life - style, you would never believe you could live.

  2. This study course is online. You feel comfortable to have access to it, without spending time on getting to other places. You relax in your lovely room corner and you enjoy it. Just download and save in a file on your computer/ laptop/ tablet. Study later without even an internet connection.

  3. Of course you can focus on the course whenever you like to. No reason to run it in limited time. You decide when you feel ready to try it.

  4. This study course is great for beginners, as the simply way all the material is provided helps everyone to try it. You may not know any name of materials, colors, styles or anything related to them. Never mind. Few hours later the magic of the subject will make you happy. You could feel confidence, listing things like a professional. Your hidden talents will guide you to elegance and good economy. 

  5. People with education / skills on these fields will find the study course absolutely helpful in their life. It is important to have a full option on the subject you love, doing tests and using the course like a worthy personal notebook within its examples and its whole knowledge included in.

  6. This study course is offered at such a steep discount because it is an adorable, helpful, full summary of a larger study course which gets prepared for later in time. It is a real chance for everyone to grab to, as it almost keeps a precious material anyways. 

  7. If you keep more questions about this study course,  if you like to get in examples and stuff about all the artistic work of  Marya,  you can contact directly within e- mail or social links.   

  8. Yes, you can get benefits and special prices, if you are interested in more than one study courses taking them as an ideal pack put on discount. Ask about more details contacting by e- mail.

  9. You can have access to the study course by the site here, on its exact page following the links and buttons. 

  10. You can start the study course right after your payment. At the time your payment receipt is sent to our e-mail and will appear there, you can start at the moment. Immediately. There are not any exact dates to follow. You let your free time to rule on.

  11. An enjoyable final test exists for you to try your skills after your focus to the study course. It is linked within social sites of the creator and you can try it again and again like a game, to feel sure about keywords and other stuff related to the subject. There are info in the study course to follow.

  12. Surely, you get the useful, free, weekly material from the site while you study the course, like each visitor or subscriber of the site gets it properly. 


TO DO LOVELY Styling Together?

 DO YOU DESIRE style AND tricks





  • You get the study course in a special price.

  • Which is offered just for a few days.

  • Just for you, the site visitor and all our special subscribers in the site.

  • After this period of time, the study course will be offered in its full price and not in sale. 

  • Being a subscriber means more benefits only members get, during all the time, as appreciating gift. 

  • So, hurry up, if you already imagine yourself in your new sweet lifestyle without stress on how to add beauty to your styling.

  • You save a lot of money at the same time.

  • The only you need to feel the study course's positive effect in your life, is an internet connection to download this home study course and passion to live in beauty.

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