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jewel handmade creation at age of 8

J makes me happy. And my John, too, but this J belongs to another love...

What is that J, then

''J'', as we say jewels, jewelry, jewellery. Or enjoy wearing ornaments. Don't worry. You won't go into the jail after stealing them to have enough to wear on. Ha, ha!

I confess though, that these items cause me strange feelings. Why this happens?

I'm going to share secrets with you. Sit & relax. You can't imagine what comes next.


Some of you may wear a single ring, a cool bracelet, earrings gifted from your grandma, an amazing cross on your neck given by your godfather or you might love pins on coats and skirts.

People express their feeling, style or life moto within jewels.

Expensive or cheap bring beauty on outfits.

Their value in money doesn't prove elegance.

Originality in design and safety on materials need your 1st thought. 


Fashion trends help but don't rule so much on these items, as the personal taste makes some of them adorable, touching perhaps the emotional side of us.

What you 're gonna read next? A nasty hard issue comes to sudden you... 


Friends and trends rule both on jewel themes. Specially in young ages. Like in elementary school. Where kids can be very bad in attitude causing their classmates by their strange attitude like Mary's on the 2 other girls, who shared the desk with me at those time. Sitting behind me. Building for me the reason to protect both Kate & Thety! Poor girls... I know what you're thinking. She wears a golden necklace with her name on it. And you think we 3 just felt jealous on her. No! You're wrong. 

Her fingers played with the jewel just to attract our attention. Till she damaged it. And I used to keep the logic to not wear worthy pieces at school. So sure that games on breaktimes, gym time & the place don't help to save them.

But snobbish people like Mary never follow this thought. 


I wished though for a way to cause her interest on something unique. To make her mention the ''it'' thing on another person, to feel like others, when she did a whole show just wearing a tiny cold item on her body. Cz it was made by real gold.

So what, girl? Jewels can make the difference out of reasons related to money. That's why she kept her mouth silent & stopped her hands of those silly movements after she mentioned something on me. What was that? Find it out next...

Had I told you that I love paper notebooks? I still spend my life on notes in them & I keep all with love. But there 's more...

You might be wondering how a notebook fell from the sky into this story here, like a crazy dancing fox could exist on a theatre scene.

It just gets better. Believe me... I didn't lose the subject. Find the point in next lines.


  • Did you focus on the image before the text here?

  • It's a black jewel set with anatomic design.

  • Small pearls on metallic wire.

  • Closing system is hidden in its design.

  • It has got floral girlie figures.

  • A necklace with bracelet.

  • Mine.

  • Made by me.

  • By hands.

  • Only by hands. Without tools.

  • At my 8.

  • Into the classroom during some Friday breaktime.

  • Being the class curator of the week, I dedicated my moments to create art. 

Material came from... my used notebook.

The cheap spiral notebook.

And beads were taken from a wedding bonbonniere.

And my inspiration liked to create something original.

And my focus was to spend zero on money.


What's the point here?  

If I was able to create jewels like these, with this complicated design,

as then being a KID,

in this way, with no tools to help it,

then YOU can create more than masterpieces.

Imagine you to visit bead stores, upcycling & recycling everything could give shape to your fantasy creating jewels.

For you and your children, for sisters, the friend, your boyfriend, your mom and more people, who appreciate art on ornaments we wear on the body.

Feel free to dare combinations. Hands do miracles.

No matter if you use real gems or simple materials.

Style comes naturally while skills get improved by experience.

Call your lovelies and try it among cakes and jokes, music and party mood.

That's why I named this study course as that: JEWEL PARTY.    


1. Jewels
Here you learn about their history, value, effect on styling & life. Exact use & meanings.
2. Earrings/ bracelets
3. Rings/ pins/ design
4. Necklaces & more
5. Gifts/ people 
6. Shopping/ do - don't lists
All about the kinds of jewels, materials, design & tips how to create & wear them.
7. Materials/ styles/ combinations
What to use to create masterpieces. Original & simple things help your creativity.

8. All Technics/ treatment
Each way to create art with your hands. Sketches & details on how to do it.


A. Famous Outfits

You admire the famous stars, so learn how to look stunning when wearing your jewel items. Do & don't  secrets to get the best result.

B. Creations

Many photos, ideas, examples on what to create and how to treat materials.
Personal collections & creations reveal a world full of fantasy.

C. Styling

Match items, do combinations, dare to put close or avoid to wear others. Advices to get your best image making ever.

GIFTS people

do - don't lists



JEWELS history

EARRINGS bracelets

design RINGS pins


    Your Questions & Answers get clear here

  1. Who is this study course for?

  2. Is this study course online or in person?

  3. Can I do this so on my own time?

  4. Is this study course good for beginners?

  5. What about people with education - skills on these fields?

  6. Why the study course is offered at such a steep discount?

  7. Who can I contact if I keep more questions about this study course?

  8. Can I get benefits if I am interested in more than one study course?

  9. How can I have access to the study course?

  10. When I could start? Are there any dates to follow?

  11. Is there any final test to try my skills after my focus to the study course?

  12. Shall I get the free weekly material from the site while I study the course? 

   Answers at your Questions are here for you.

  1. This study course is created with love and helpful purpose for everyone who loves fashion and beautiful things to wear on. The age of the person who is interested in this material does not rule on skills. Even a very young kid can understand the easy way this course is written. If you are a mom or a student, a teacher or a builder, a farmer or a seller you will enjoy meeting your own ability to create beauty. Trying everything the course provides to you to feel rich in your outfits. Saving smart money for a lovely new life - style, you would never believe you could live.

  2. This study course is online. You feel comfortable to have access to it, without spending time on getting to other places. You relax in your lovely room corner and you enjoy it.

  3. Of course you can focus on the course whenever you like to. No reason to run it in limited time. You decide when you feel ready to try it.

  4. This study course is great for beginners, as the simply way all the material is provided helps everyone to try it. You may not know any name of materials, colors, styles or anything related to them. Never mind. Few hours later the magic of the subject will make you happy. You could feel confidence, listing things like a professional. Your hidden talents will guide you to elegance and good economy. 

  5. People with education / skills on these fields will find the study course absolutely helpful in their life. It is important to have a full option on the subject you love, doing tests and using the course like a worthy personal notebook within its examples and its whole knowledge included in.

  6. This study course is offered at such a steep discount because it is an adorable, helpful, full summary of a larger study course which gets prepared for later in time. It is a real chance for everyone to grab to, as it almost keeps a precious material anyways. 

  7. If you keep more questions about this study course, if you like to get in examples and stuff about all the artistic work of Marya, you can contact directly within e- mail or social links.   

  8. Yes, you can get benefits and special prices, if you are interested in more than one study courses taking them as an ideal pack put at discount. Ask about more details contacting by e- mail.

  9. You can have access to the study course by the site here, on its exact page following the links and buttons. 

  10. You can start the study course right after your payment. At the time your payment receipt is sent to our e-mail and will appear there, you can start at the moment. Immediately. There are not any exact dates to follow. You let your free time to rule on.

  11. An enjoyable final test exists for you to try your skills after your focus to the study course. It is linked within social sites of the creator and you can try it again and again like a game, to feel sure about keywords and other stuff related to the subject. There are info in the study course to follow.

  12. Surely, you get the useful, free, weekly material from the site while you study the course, like each visitor or subscriber of the site gets it properly. 

ARE YOU READY TO beauty YOUR styling?


style ON jewels 





  • You get the study course in a special price.

  • Which is offered just for a few days.

  • Ideal for you, the site visitor and all our special subscribers in the site.

  • After this period of time, the study course will be offered in its full price and not in sale. 

  • Being a subscriber means more benefits only members get.

  • During all the time, as appreciating gift.


So, hurry up, if you already imagine yourself in your new sweet lifestyle without stress on how to add beauty to your styling. 

The only you need to feel the study course's positive effect in your life,

is an internet connection to download this home study course and

passion to live in beauty.


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