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 MARYA MILAGROS LTD - Marya Milagros Iskou, Marya Milagros, maryamilagros and - 

 (Registration Number: HE 420557).

 The copyrights of designs, e-books, educational programs, home study courses, seminars, designs,

 sketches, posts, texts, titles, pictures in this website belong to Maria Iskou, Designer, Stylist, Creator, Sewer,   Educator, Author and at 

 This copyrighted work is totally protected by provisions of Greek legislation (Law 2121/1993 as it stands amended   and currently in force) and international conventions on intellectual property.

 Written copy and transcription are strictly forbidden without the permission of the designer - author in any way or   through (electronic, engineering, or other) copying, photocopying and reproduction, rental or lending in general,   translation, adaptation, retransmission to the public in any form and any exploits the whole or part of the project.

 Thankful for your respect on our legal and official website.

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