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 relax - summer . study course


R, relaxes you. Lovely SummeR

Each time seeing the sun warming the place around you, I know you knit fantasy stories full of images.

They all belong to an exotic scenery on the beach.

Cool naughty small waves of water cause your feet.

Cute sun rides touch your face like ribbons dancing in the air.

And a romantic linen long dress smooths the sand till it gets wet.

Sandals may 've got tulle on them.

And a wide cotton hat might hug your hair playing with a layering bead necklace. Fresh style on a lovely day, sounds great, isn't it?


Next you fly by mind to luxury pools. Oh, no! You can't try the previous outfit here. Modern lines suit better to the place.

Wish your towel had a styling detail on its corner. To look like new.

And this swimsuit could have a feminine sense on its top.

To make you look like a star.

Yeah, a minimal smooth fabric on a tunic would give you the quality needed on these places.


But, I totally feel you.

How to spend so much money on these items! Be honest.

Every style needs its pieces.

You can follow the trends in lists. 

I know what you do in front of the store cashier, though!

You need and try to protect yourself by a heart attack, each time you check prices on these summery creations.

And you need a list of them:

  • swimsuits,

  • beach/ pool towels,

  • sandals,

  • a big bag is practical

  • a cute hair accessory or

  • a protective hat

  • an elegant tunic,

  • a trendy shirt,

  • a pareo skirt/ dress

  • a floral dress maybe?

  • Sure a pair of pants,

  • or more things you mention when you think of them.

  • And you just wish to had them, but you still don't. Can't effort the expense?


No bad at all to use your latest years items. Anyways you love them all.

Feel free to appreciate things. They still look great.

It's just those feeling of being sure you match your mood to everywhere.

Style helps our mood adding confidence but practicality, also.

Make it real in mind. Your red simple swim top easily suits to a black satin tunic and sandals with pearls at the pool. As elegant as you need to feel. You can also try the same red swim top with hot denim pants and white sneakers, too.

At the beach bar on this time. Smart combinations.


Your issue though is deeper than you feel but easier than you think. 

I 'll put you a simple question:

What if you were able to create:

  • a personalized

  • amazing,

  • smart,

  • stylish,

  • full collection of everything you need to use when swimming and sunbathing?


Specially if you like to visit the beach often during the year.

Or if you keep any member card to enjoy at a pool?

Wouldn't be perfect to sweep this expense for ever?

Whatever you desire you can have in your wardrobe.

Plus to use each item in stylish chances out of these summery moments.

Holding the beach bag on shopping time,

the tunic can be worn with pants for an inspiring boho style

or the towels easily decorate your bathroom.


You feel what I say. But creating things like these by your own may sounds like an impossible chance for you. 

Look! I 'll be sincere in my words.

No one asks you to build a towel from its threads on huge machines.

Nobody forces you to an action like a professional fashion designer testing sizes and fabric reactions about millions of productive lines of these items.

Fun with your mom if she likes to renew her towels. Smiley faces come from your cousin if you add a catchy chic detail on a pair of sandals you 'll gift her.

And take a thought on kids, who try to pass beads on ropes to competing each others on who 'll make the most colorful bracelet.

Creating 20 items each, to share as a friendly - proof in a game.

Enjoyable days are the best.


Do you like the truth? 

Whether we treat our items well, we 'll always need new.

So the smart solution is to try effective steps in fields of creativity.

Playing the game of saving money while learning style,

gives you the precious freedom and the skills

to control your needs, your expenses and your lifestyle. 

And the most important point is THIS:

When you are able to create your own fashionable items, there is a list of benefits, out of the creative fact of enjoying the useful materialism:

  • you never feel jealous on what others have got

  • you spend less money year by year

  • you create lovely gifts for your people

  • you renew used items with not loss

  • you transform ordinary items to unique ones

  • you feel plenty of useful items for ideal places

  • you compare prices - quality - work on each creation

  • you control materials using them in various creations

  • you add personal touch on everything

  • you repair damages adding beautiful details

  • YOU decide what to wear, how to look, how to wear that you want.


















Here you learn to create 2 types of pareo. You can wear it as a skirt or dress. It's a smart easy way to get quickly stylish covered at the beach, without getting in normal clothes. Some people use to wear large pareos like scarves during the whole year as their fabrics usually are thin and light.


Long or short, wide, colorful or floral, there is an ideal dress for summer. You learn to create 5 types of dresses to feel stylish every day. You can try these cut lines on more clothes. Meet your skills & fabrics by details. Meet your body type and dare to new styles.


Even a practical item to keep us dry needs its own stylish detail. Add beauty on beach towels and make them looking great. Do smart combinations with original materials getting artistic results.



A collection of easy tops, blouses, tunics, scarves, pants to feel dressed well at each event at the beach or at the pool areas. It's easier than you think and so lovely learning to create them.


Swimsuits are useful to let you getting in the water. Let these items being stylish, too. Decorate them or add details full of creativity and fantasy with lists of examples in sketches and photos. Ready to impress everyone by your inspiration?


Older items are also lovely. You need to keep them all in your hug. Don't let them damaged in a cold storage. Let them be the protagonists adding on them beauty within transformation, solutions and ideas. Try your fantasy and admire them again, like being new.


Lovely items which improve your whole style. Magic in details. Learn the basic items. Use materials to make your style unique creative. Find useful treatment tips for jewels to create safe and ideal items for each age and style.


Bags, sandals, hats, scarves belong to other accessories in a summery collection. Learn how to be always great dressed, using items to improve your beauty. Easy to create, wear ,treat them. 


Examples of celeb outfits which remained as ideal images in the history of styling. Famous stars who know well how to use summery pieces looking stunning. Favorite scenes in movies with the lovely artists in their best times in styling.


Here you learn basic easy sewing to create each item we suggest in all units. Feel confident. During and After this home study course you'll be able to create your own unique items. To look more stylish than even in your summery mood. 


Styles which look ideal in summer. Special details to give the emphasis in each item to make it unique. You'll learn about basic keywords on each style, to keep the logic and the elegance in your appearance.



Some materials are ideal for items during the summery period of time but others never suit to these circumstances. You learn how to select the right one from a list of materials, to create that you want in its best way. Lists and ''do - don't'' tips help you to do the correct. To feel proud of yourself. 


Summer is the ideal time to enjoy at parties.

It's a great chance to meet your people.

You visit friends or you invite relatives to live unique moments rich of love and warm feelings, appreciation and pure worthy words.

What 's more sweet than offering gifts?

To give Beautiful & Useful gifts.

No need to be expensive but lovely & creatively interesting.

So, a list full of ideas and how to create them, waits you in this study course

to give you the title of the best creator.

''Ideas - materials - ways to do''

help you to win the great result you and the receiver of the gift, needs to.

your questions & answers get clear here

  • Here is the place & the time to get Answers at your Questions.

  1. Who is this study course for?

  2. Is this study course online or in person?

  3. Can I do this so on my own time?

  4. Is this study course good for beginners?

  5. What about people with education - skills on these fields?

  6. Why the study course is offered at such a steep discount?

  7. Who can I contact if I keep more questions about this study course?

  8. Can I get benefits if I am interested in more than one study course?

  9. How can I have access to the study course?

  10. When I could start? Are there any dates to follow?

  11. Is there any final test to try my skills after my focus to the study course?

  12. Shall I get the free weekly material from the site while I study the course? 

  • Answers at your Questions are here for you.

  1. This study course is created with love and helpful purpose for everyone who loves fashion and beautiful things to wear on. The age of the person who is interested in this material does not rule on skills. Even a very young kid can understand the easy way this course is written. If you are a mom or a student, a teacher or a builder, a farmer or a seller you will enjoy meeting your own ability to create beauty. Trying everything the course provides to you to feel rich in your outfits. Saving smart money for a lovely new life - style, you would never believe you could live.

  2. This study course is online. You feel comfortable to have access to it, without spending time on getting to other places. You relax in your lovely room corner and you enjoy it. Just download and save in a file on your computer/ laptop/ tablet. Study later without even an internet connection.

  3. Of course you can focus on the course whenever you like to. No reason to run it in limited time. You decide when you feel ready to try it.

  4. This study course is great for beginners, as the simply way all the material is provided helps everyone to try it. You may not know any name of materials, colors, styles or anything related to them. Never mind. Few hours later the magic of the subject will make you happy. You could feel confidence, listing things like a professional. Your hidden talents will guide you to elegance and good economy. 

  5. People with education / skills on these fields will find the study course absolutely helpful in their life. It is important to have a full option on the subject you love, doing tests and using the course like a worthy personal notebook within its examples and its whole knowledge included in.

  6. This study course is offered at such a steep discount because it is an adorable, helpful, full summary of a larger study course which gets prepared for later in time. It is a real chance for everyone to grab to, as it almost keeps a precious material anyways. 

  7. If you keep more questions about this study course,  if you like to get in examples and stuff about all the artistic work of  Marya,  you can contact directly within e- mail or social links.   

  8. Yes, you can get benefits and special prices, if you are interested in more than one study courses taking them as an ideal pack put on discount. Ask about more details contacting by e- mail.

  9. You can have access to the study course by the site here, on its exact page following the links and buttons. 

  10. You can start the study course right after your payment. At the time your payment receipt is sent to our e-mail and will appear there, you can start at the moment. Immediately. There are not any exact dates to follow. You let your free time to rule on.

  11. An enjoyable final test exists for you to try your skills after your focus to the study course. It is linked within social sites of the creator and you can try it again and again like a game, to feel sure about keywords and other stuff related to the subject. There are info in the study course to follow.

  12. Surely, you get the useful, free, weekly material from the site while you study the course, like each visitor or subscriber of the site gets it properly. 


 DO YOU DESIRE style AND relaxation






  • You get the study course in a special price.

  • Which is offered just for a few days.

  • Just for you, the site visitor and all our special subscribers in the site.

  • After this period of time, the study course will be offered in its full price and not in sale. 

  • Being a subscriber means more benefits only members get.

  • During all the time, as appreciation gift. 

  • So, hurry up, if you already imagine yourself in your new sweet lifestyle without stress on how to add beauty to your summery styling. 

  • The only you need to feel the study course's positive effect in your life, is an internet connection to download this home study course and

  • passion to live in beauty.

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