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10 Tips For Your Own Wedding Dress!

Pure emotion rocks if you get a customized one.

Why it's emotional to create your own wedding dress? Find in the next text...
Why it's emotional to create your own wedding dress? Find in the next text...

The love story.

It was a thought in your romantic mind.

You both met somewhere on the planet...

One day or night, in luxurious or in a daily cute place he did the wedding proposal.

You said YES to THE DRESS.

And now, what?

Unwanted opinions.

People with close bonds to a bride often become so annoying!

They take the risk and the rude set of manners to suggest every mad idea.

They keep in their mind many tips like being bosses, preparing their own #wedding event.

Why do you let them destroying your mood?

Kindness is the magical key in people's attitude.

You can share the happy smile to all your lovely people, but...

Remember that the #BRIDE is YOU on this wedding event.

The protagonist on you is the #bridal_dress you may have been imagined by years.

Let's do bridal questions:

  1. Is it white, soft pink, sky blue?

  2. Is it made by organza or tulle?

  3. Does it have a heavy amount of pearls on its top part?

  4. Is the full skirt made by silk?

  5. How it's made?

  6. Who created it for you?

  7. Will you buy it?

  8. Why don't you let an expert to sew it for you?

Imagine each time you 've been dreaming a dress made by wedding aura.

Now is the time to admire it on you.

In your room.

You count the days running, to reach the ideal one to wear it.

And be sure you'll look stunning!

The mirror gifts you smiles beyond happiness from this moment.

Why pure emotion signs this dress. Your wedding dress!

  1. It's absolutely yours. It's made for you only.

  2. The measurements are in an emergency mode to hug your body.

  3. The materials are selected with love.

  4. The budget you offer on this personal creation is respectful.

  5. Each piece of fabric is your favorite.

  6. Every cut on ribbons is exact.

  7. One to one the beads stand in boxes to get fixed on your beloved dress.

  8. An embroidery may add a new detail to fix the style or to change it.

  9. You can ask specialists to create by your voice. Whatever you like is their idea & their due.

  10. A ready to be sold dress may look awesome but it's a product on the shelf or the hunger. It just waits you to get matched. It was not yours. It 'll not easily be.

Now you know why:

Sewing your own #wedding_dress -even giving your measure details to a specialist-

makes you feel like a princess, who gave her orders.

To receive her unique dress made just for her.

Like in fairytales...

The day of your wedding event is yours & precious.
Kick off nasty thoughts, people, words, facts.

It's yours. It hugs your body as a lover. We talk about your very own bridal dress.
It's yours. It hugs your body as a lover. We talk about your very own bridal dress.


You are the Bride!

You 've got the style!



Would you sew your own bridal dress?

Why yes?

Why not?

I'd love to hear from you.

Drop me a line here or even in e-mail.

It's great to exchange views on topics.

W - wedding Home Study Courses is coming...


P.S. 1. I am here for you,

if you have Questions on how to find solutions in strange issues the styling causes to us.

P.S. 2. Check all worthy tips from the FREE TIPS page here on the site.

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Creatively Yours,


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