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Kitchen Secrets!

How do you treat your utensils?

Kitchen and utensils need smooth treatment.
Kitchen and utensils need smooth treatment.

This is a hard work.

#Kitchen_utensils need nice treatment.

Smooth #cleaning liquids, soft #sponges, towels and more.

If you love your #house you'll take care about all these daily objects.

Kitchen is a main room.

The 80% of the people who feel starving imagine a #kitchen place even a place which looks like this room. To eat in quietness.

The warmth, the taste, the smelling variety, the food, many fruits in bowls, the fridge and its coolness when you take a drink...

This room attracts #stomaches & gossips at the same time.

I wonder how many times we receive comments by people, who face the kitchen room as a chance to give you a real but silly show. About their wealth or their fashion taste.

All their thoughts are guided by their money status.

And this is useless in life. Tricky and not worthy at all.

A real story...

When I was living in Lesvos island in Greece I used to enjoy with a woman who loved to check the decoration in any house. This gossip lover was awful.

No, she wasn't an artist.

I am, though.

I confess that I never judge the style in any house, just because people own the right to live in their own place and I have to respect the taste of everyone in style.

She always kept the arrow of her eyes on e v e r y t h i n g, ready to spray people by toxic words pretending that she had got the knowledge and the right to set criticism.

One of her addiction was a serie of full collection of cooking pots.

I 'm laughing out loud right now as I 'm a person who loves practicality but gets smiley easily and equally living in luxurious or poor places. I feel ready to search opportunities to create beauty even using simple rather expensive things.

Her mouth rained me with poisoned words, just because my jars didn't keep the same design or color, so I decided to appreciate my humor mood to escape by the idiot visitor.

Do you know that I adore writing sice I was a child?

No, the fact's not out of the topic here.

I won in a text competition given by a great magazine related to new moms.

The theme was the way my pregnancy was announced to the dad of my kid.

Guess who was the winner!

I received a huge box full of pieces of a luxurious serie of kitchen pots and jars.

Guess again who put the items in a serie like standing at a decorative artistic gallery shelf.

It was me. She insulted me. And I know I acted like her.

But it was a fair reaction, don't you think so?

It was the time to enjoy with a woman who feeded her bad manners.

This kind of people though never gift you back a nice word so she tried to low the quality of the whole prize. Trying to tell me that they 'll lose their shinny surface soon.

But it wasn't my nude point to win her good words. Just to cause her.

And I'm sincere.

Let her getting lost, at last.

Here is the point. Good treatment keeps pots in a perfect condition.

If you treat kitchen utensils well, they 'll last a lot.
Like being new.
  • Smooth sponges clean great all the grass, #oily_parts, #water_salts, #stains.

  • Strong materials should be used after mentioning the instructions of their creators.

  • Try to find a #cleaning_guide clicking their brand - code in internet links to give your pots new life.

  • Keep cards of new ones in a cabinet to find solutions when they get #dirty.

In this way you 'll feel proud of your kitchen utensils and you keep expenses low.

Some people proudly keep their #old_utensils like getting them bought right now.

It doesn't has to do just with money.

Emotional reasons and memories on exact recipes and jars make the scenery sweet for the

heart and soul of the owner and his/her close people.

Hope you live lovely times in your kitchen. Alone or joined by your lovelies.

Without gossips on the design and the image of them...

Do you promise?


🌺 🌺 🌺 🌺 🌺


How do you treat your kitchen utensils ?

Who other do the dirty work for you ?


🌺 🌺 🌺 🌺 🌺

my free pattern for pants and a blouse
my free pattern for pants and a blouse


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