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15 Secrets Your Curtain Has To Reveal To You. Stay Close To Learn Them All.

Free creative & smart ideas to add beauty & practicality to your windows feeling the comfort at home.

You love curtains and between us this is a clever way to dress up a room.

Curtains add style & beauty in a space. Even it's your bedroom or the living room.

You hung your curtain in any style you like.

Your space looks now beautiful and practical. Like you when you wear a wonderful dress.

The light plays gracefully as the sun communicates with the moon.

“The little secret of a curtain can make you spending money & time at shopping ”

And now?

The curtain is adorable in its style and color.

But there comes a time when for some reason you have to pick up this convenient piece of shade for a while. With what;

You’ll be run for hours & hours to find the charming accessory for tying a curtain when you need to put it in an exact position. Sellers, leaflets full in advertisements about decoration themes could mad you making you feeling lost in so many ideas & prices.

And prices. Hold this word.

Are you thinking of running to the shops where there are indeed incredible ideas for all wallets, then?

I catch you on the door. Come back and listen to me.

But before you take this walk, because you are a creative person and you can easily declare yourself as a talented person in decoration - even if you do not know it yet - you will act differently. Cleverly. Efficiently. Bold and with an artistic mood.

Take a notebook and a pen. Or your laptop to save the idea.

It's an easy free lesson.

Make a useful list:

  1. A piece of ribbon,

  2. A rubber band,

  3. A hair bone,

  4. A cloth peg,

  5. A lovely handkerchief,

  6. A stylish scarf,

  7. A plastic drink straw,

  8. A bracelet with beads, pearls e.t.c.

  9. An elegant necklace,

  10. A belt,

  11. A safety simple pin,

  12. A sewing pin,

  13. A colourful rag,

  14. A cute piece of tulle,

  15. A pretty sock. And more, more, more things you can think to use for this purpose at the time you take them in your hands.

( Simple fastening of decorative curtains on the metallic bed base )

With a little care you can, use everything small item you keep in your home, to limit a curtain for as long as you want it to the side of your window and not fully spread out in front of it.

Not bad at all, eh? And free. Absolutely free of money. And you can remove them all at the moment leaving the fabric dancing in the cool air.

Say ''thank you'' to what is called "flexibility and clever decorating ideas".

Leave the money you would spend on something like this, for another item that is missing from your home.

Could it be that with the amount of money you saved? You would get a new curtain or pillows that fit to your sofa.

Why to fix things? Why to make an object looking more beautiful?

Here is offered to you this simple list of materials or ways of tying your curtains.

The next posts will learn you how to add smart beauty to other objects we all keep at home before we name them as boring. Promise to learn you everything you need about these subjects.

Make it a purpose in your life.

If you can make something being and looking better, why not trying your talent in creativity?

You can do it & you deserve it.

Saving the pain - saving your cash money.

What is your lovely style of curtains?

Do you love or hate keeping them in your house?

Do you use any creative way of tying quickly when you need more light in your space?


Please feel free to answer me here and share the article to your social pages,

if you think it would be a good advice to your lovelies.

Keep in touch reading my free blog posts and thanks for joining my site here!

Blessings to you!


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