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3+2 Tips Stylists Suggest To You

Reasons: Not related to money. It's about the rule they 're called to empower.


Stylists don't keep secrets to make you buy more items.

They try to help you looking better.

This is a sincere target of their work.

If 1 person mentions your style as stunning, they feel happy! It's a precious word.

Some times it's you, who insists on things you don't know. You 're not a stylist.

Fashion and styling get faced as easy hobbies from many people.

Not as real work.

And this is unfair.

It's a rude thought, also, on people who does it as real work with endless passion.

This is a slap to an expert's face. You put the zero on his world.

And it's also you, who admires celebs -got dressed by expensive in service- fashion experts.

Crazy things...

Why do you gift a sweet word on them and not to your own stylist?

You face him/ her like a friend who owes to you everything.

Shouting, demanding your own strange opinion on his each suggestion.

Look! We talk about your outfits. If you can do it by yourself, just try it.

If you ask for help then, you have to drive your kindness on calm wheels.


Listen, Watch, Check, Try & Decide.

  1. LISTEN. He is the expert. You ask him. And he answers about things he knows well.

  2. WATCH images and join in the game/ mood, the fashion plays great always.

  3. CHECK what seems ideal or cute on you. You may like more but less suit to you.

  4. TRY. Play with items. Do combos, Kick off ''preppy'' styles and dare to look different.

  5. DECIDE. It's you who makes choices among items. Trends 're not made for everyone as each one keeps his own unique look.

Appreciate the people who study the whole world of fashion, about styles, they live with art and more similar subjects every day. They keep a pure sense on art and the improvement they get is offered to you by good purpose:

  • To put smiles on your face.

  • To add beauty on your image.

  • To inspire you creating a new look on your body.

  • To show you the power of fashion in your daily mood.

  • To discover yourself deeply and creatively by many images.

Don't let your opinion lost, then. You can learn how to style yourself.




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