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What Do You Know About The Body Weight Slavery?

What fashion says about it?

Fashion and body weight issues.
Fashion and body weight issues.

The story is clear.

#Fat and #thin people exist on this planet.

Some people like to be rude to both #body_types.

And this is bad.

Keep a thought.

You meet people every day.

You live among fat, thin, tall, short, #curvy or #skinny people.

We can't look or keep a common shape.

And this is good.

Freedom and rights to look, feel and eat as we like is a great situation.


And these single 11 sentences would be a short, full of meanings article and so what...

But I won't make it so easy to the reader...

The stress of eating more than you'd like to.
The stress of eating more than you'd like to.
Rude close people.

It's sad to accept useless words about your own body type and weight.

Stop it, now. Kick rude people away.

You owe to yourself a nice meal, great products, good nutrition plans and tasty moments.

Don't let others to plan your life.

At last, #dietologists, #doctors and #gym specialists know better what you need to get in good health.

  • Gossip lovers are not your friends.

  • They never did a warm comment on you.

  • Why to keep them close to you?

Sugar, flour, candies, pies and full fat foods.
Sugar, flour, candies, pies and full fat foods.

There are lovely & stylish outfits for all.

This would be your logical answer on this question:

'' Oh, why you gained #weight? Now you can't look stylish ''.

Look! I'm not a fan of #obese situations:

  • Eat healthy.

  • If you are starving you need to add portions of #food to feed your stomach.

  • Ask a doctor to search and explain what's going on with your body.

  • The sure detail is that these words 'll come from him and not from your cousin who laughs while 's talking about you to other relatives.

  • People often get sadly rude. Don't play their silly game.

  • Ignore words. Take action for a good health routine plus an amazing styling.

  • If you are not thin doesn't mean you feel nasty.

  • Normal weight is the ideal. The more you try for it the best you feel.

  • Fat people are also people. Thin people are also people, too.

  • No reason is fair to compare human beings. At last!

  • Live your own life.

Being addicted to fashion trends is dangerous my friend.

I am a #fashion designer & #stylist.

Being an expert in patterns and issues about clothes in every level and type, I reveal you some things to make you know this world.

Clothes get created for everyone, cut and sewed by basic patterns with some changes.

All look stunning on you based on your own body size.

3 points are set to your mind:

  1. Why to feel bad about your #body_size?

  2. Who is gonna commenting about your wide waist line or heavy hips?

  3. What if you face any health issue which affects to your weight? Demand their respect and make them keep their mouth closed.

  4. A stylist should feel close to you suggesting by heart all those items which improve your beauty.


  1. Answer to idiots.

  2. Feel fashion as a happy expression in your life.

  3. Try on new outfits.

  4. Play with fashionable accessories. Combinations get you in funny mood.

  5. Feel confident at social events.

  6. Treat people standing close to your taste in fashion.

  7. Face the fact that fashion industry pretends a bit that supports heavy people as creating for these sizes costs a lot in materials and packing / transfer / shipping expenses.

  8. You admire #plus_size models in shows but you can count them, using your both hands only naming men - women - kids models.

  9. The nude truth is here: Fashion collections cover the 5% of the full design list. Each #cloth doesn't fit to everyone and those who tells you the opposite lies causing our sense of humor. And clothes cost a lot using fabrics and more materials.

  10. We talk about style. Some patterns make us look ugly and that has to do with the way the cloth hugs our curves even being thin.

  11. Fabric reactions on 3D bodies is the only reason and not the gossip about weight issues.

Mention that people face #health_issues which attach to their image, their body weight and the whole diet theme. Therapies often can't help on this.

Love your body type.
Love your body type.

The easy tip list for a stylish moment.

  • You deserve #good_health.

  • Don't feel sad following fashion trends. Just try & chose.

  • Close your ears to negative comments.

  • The person in your mirror is lovely.

  • Hug your curves by great fabrics.

  • Love your skinny type, also.

  • Let people expressing opinions but follow your own views.

  • Smile to fashion and weight issues.

Take care of yourself, my friend.

Now you know why.


🌺 🌺 🌺 🌺 🌺


Had you face any sad gossip about your body weight?

Who did this on you?

I'd love to hear from you.

Drop me a line here or even in e-mail.

It's great to exchange views on topics.


P.S. 1. I am here for you, if you have Questions

on how to find solutions in daily strange issues styling items causes to us.

Check my FREE worthy tips from all articles in this blog.

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my free pattern for pants and a blouse
my free pattern for pants and a blouse

Creatively Yours,



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