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3 Sewing Tips About Velour .

Keep your athleisure items like new!


The sewing art is not a game. 

It's a lovely creation and transformation. It looks easy in the hands of experts, but in fact it needs the full attention because the materials are expensive and the repair issues require great skills from whoever has the luck to help you with it.

  1. You will mark... & with pins you will fasten the finish...

  2. Carefully you 'll sew without pulling the fabric!

  3. No matter how experienced you are with rubber materials, it's best not to do silly actions to destroy fabrics and seams!

''To have a fine result on the edge seams: For a finish that is also elegant and strong.''

Velour is sensitive. Elastic items need strength to make you feel comfortable. If we talk about casual outfits the daily use make them look tired. So you may ask for good quality in seams and work on them.

Take care of these sewing points and you'll love trouble-free sewing activities plus creative times on your velour items.

Now you know.


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