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4 Tips - The Color On Styling!

Always Looking Stylish!

Stylish means comfy and beautiful
Stylish means comfy and beautiful
  • 🌺You love the #styling time but you need to feel sure about the impressions you cause to others.

  • 🌺Never forget, that your own #body demands and deserves the #best_look. Let's find the safest style ever to look #BEAUTIFUL.

4 tips to add REAL style:

  1. Which colors?

  2. Why them?

  3. How to add fashion accessories ?

  4. What about my age?

Well, you need to check this info about these questions.

  1. Check those 2 lovely #colors which make you feel comfy in your clothes. If you need to sit then put the dark one down and wear a light color on your top body part.

  2. You want your skin looking fresh and light. Shadows mean darkness. So keep that in your mind and chose the safe combination of black & white.

  3. The price doesn't matter 1stly. Play with the 2 basic colors for a safe look or add a flashy color like magenta red, lemon yellow, leaf green, electric blue or even deep pink to steal the compliments. Keep their #design #minimal and clear or geometrical in its form.

  4. The age nowadays is a number out of the gossip about style. Each person loves to try styling ideas. Dress you up based on your taste and needs or mood. Your focus should be put on your very own best points. Keep your bad parts of your body safely hidden and dare to play also with make up and a smart hair style.

Feel beautiful in clean cut patterns and use opposite colors to make the whole outfit looking great in details.
Attract a good comment about the beauty of the simplicity on your styling.''



  • No, it's not bad to try new colors.

  • Don't deny to wear more than 2 colors.

  • Just try to avoid using more than 3 colors on the same outfit.

  • You need to know how to do that.

  • Styling is a real art.

  • But as people who love fashion learn easy, I've got an easy effective way to show you

  • how to do the #styling_part & #save_money at the same time.

  • Take a happy tour at the HOME PAGE here on the website

  • to discover #helpful_programs I prepare for you.

Color on outfits
Color on outfits


How do you play with colors on styling?

Do you dare colors when you wear an outfit?






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