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5 Styling Points That Make You Look Older.

Just avoid them.

Which are the 5 tips to avoid looking older?
Which are the 5 tips to avoid looking older?

#Shopping time is lovely.

It's not about trying everything you like on your body.

Not about the luxurious design - or the service from kind sellers.

#Styling helps to your happy #mood.

It's an activity which adds smiles, confidence and the feeling of ruling well your #money.

It also gives the pleasure to select whatever you like to wear on.

Some times, you wear things in a way that makes you looking much older.
Age is not really a point for someone to wear a fashion item.
If you love to try things in fashion though you have to care of 5 precious tips about styling.

Take care of your clothes
Take care of your clothes

1. #Stained & wrinkled clothes - Dirty shoes

This is a terrible image.

You can't wear dirty clothes & shoes when going out.

Even staying at home you should take care of your image.

Each time you feel a nasty smell or stains on a blouse or pants you have to change outfit.

Try to eat carefully to avoid oily accidents when biting your lovely food.

You have to ask professionals to clean up any stain from your clothes, too.

Try also to iron at least some of your clothes which really seem to need it.

Avoid too tight clothes
Avoid too tight clothes

2. Wrong #size

No item fits great on your body if its size is wrong.

If you like to lose weight, you just try to do this 1st.

Then you check your real size to wear on.

1st: goals - 2nd: result. 3d: winning mood.

Don't buy clothes in smaller size keeping the hope for a diet target.

Try the right size on underwear items
Try the right size on underwear items

3. Wrong #underwear items

Every cloth looks nice when you wear the right pant and bra on your skin.

Tops, shirts, T-shirts, blouses look amazing when the ideal bra gives great shape on your upper part of your body.

Imagine a smooth white blouse when wearing a lace transparent bra.

This is tacky and ugly.

You need a bra without marks, being itself smooth also, to let the blouse fitting nice on its surface. Imagine also tight pants under a white or pale pair of trousers. Horrible bad styling.

Treat well your fashion accessories
Treat well your fashion accessories

4. Vintage #damaged items:

jewel- bags- belts- scarves- hats.

When you wear fashion accessories check their special clips, stones, ribbons, bows, handles, materials.

Every damaged item makes you look older.

It's like you took them hurrying up from an old pirate's chest, full covered by dust.

Fix them all making smart and cute combinations with new trends.

Keep your make up fresh
Keep your make up fresh

5. Too much #make up & #hairdo

Try to use simple creams and cosmetic 's textures.

Add shine on your face, avoid putting layers of many products on your skin.

Clogged pores look bad and show you older or with a tired skin.

Make it simple and fresh.

Let your skin breathing.

Add soft color on your lips trying a medium radiant lipstick.

Matt textures or full glitters look better on very young faces.

The precious secret for your good styling is to try.

It's free and funny.

An effective and lovely activity is this :

Ask your friends making fun, while trying various fashion items on your style.

Just do it!


🌟 What about your mistakes in styling? 🌟

How do you try to avoid them?

I love to hear from you.

Drop me a line here or even in e-mail.

It's great to exchange views on topics.






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