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Did You Know The Terrible Truth About Socks?

Read the shocking info.

Not just trendy socks. Keep them clean, also.
Not just trendy socks. Keep them clean, also.

The story is sad.

People love to look trendy.

Not any bad to it.

Make a stylish picture in your mind.

You get up in great mood.

Your outfit items are chosen by last night.

The skirt, the shirt, the coat and boots stay ready to jump on your body.

Your aroma smells lovely. You look stunning!

The door calls you to lock it and you hen walk down the street to your school or to your work place.

Keep your socks clean when you sit on the bed/ couch
Keep your socks clean when you sit on the bed/ couch

The day ends up - at last - and your bed seems like a huge hug.

Clean and soft, covered by your fresh puffy blanket.


It's time to have a relaxing bath time.

Get your clothes off, dude.

Just a moment.

As you turned on the laptop or the TV you catch the hot scene of your fave series.

Let's sit a bit but you can't stand your shoes on your feet anymore.

Kick them off. At the corner... or it's better to put them out to dry.

Tired feet need your couch to rest. You wait the protagonists to soft the plot.

Your guitar is also in your company, now.

You join the soundtrack. What a moment.

You miss friends to set a party. Grab your agenda to fix it.

Clean socks mean good health
Clean socks mean good health

I want to ask you, why you delay your precious bath time.

And this would be your logical answer:

'' It's ok, Marya. I feel tired, but I don't have the free time to watch the episode later,

so let me enjoy it now. I'll have a snack and I'll lay my hurt body straight after on my bed.

Oh, let me tide my coat there in the bedroom and I need to take my jewelry off.

I want my bag there, too. I'm to change my styling tomorrow, holding proudly another one ''.

Look! I'm not bad and I hate criticism but I die to note THESE:

  • You walked like an athlete in your bedroom for about 3 times with sweated socks on your private floor.

  • You imprisoned each mite nation on your socks.

  • These mites feel your feet now meeting your own cells among your toes.

  • Dust and air play their own game. They are friends of the previous dirty guys.

  • You run a tour around all the rooms area.

  • Now you start the bulling mode to your stylish and clean couch.

  • You may name yourself as mite transfer. On the furniture, too.

  • Clap to your bad manners.

This is dangerous, my friend.

Saving time - you add bacteria and health issues in your daily life.

No, I 'm not your mommy or a cop to put you penalty on exact actions.

These habits are easily followed by our speed to prevent free time space.

We think that nasty things never reach us as suddenly as we do things for minutes.

It looks an innocent action to touch surfaces in our house coming from out.

We feel so clean as we take care of where we sit on during all the day or what we touch by hands or feet.

Anyway we wash hands well, but this 's not enough.

All look easy clean safe but they are not.

Foods are greasy. Cosmetics are sensitive. Common areas bring millions of cells and we don't talk about yours. No, it's not microphobia. It's realism on bad moments.


  1. You took off the shoes.

  2. Feet are not dry.

  3. Sweat attracts dust.

  4. Dust hugs cells, mites, bacteria and more from the floor.

  5. Wherever you sit, the previous ''company'' joins you.

  6. You visit more rooms (like wearing slippers) just because you'll put this pair of shocks for washing.

  7. AND HERE IS THE MISTAKE. You make them working like a communication tool to spread bad things everywhere.

  8. Just imagine a cute baby licking the floor (or a toy which is left for hours on it).

  9. You understand clearly the danger and the risk, don't you?

A baby playing on the floor even an adult walking on it gets himself in danger to grab bacteria and face sad issues related to dust and dirt coming right from shocks.

We and our socks
We and our socks

The easy tip list for a clean home area.

  • You deserve good health.

  • Don't walk inside your house wearing your shoes on.

  • Take off the shoes. Let them dry out even in your balcony.

  • Kick off your used socks straight to the washing bin.

  • Wear open slippers.

  • Take your bath. Put clean clothes.

  • Never walk in your bedroom by used socks or socks.

  • Do the same safe indoor actions to each home area.

Socks should get washed, put in a fabric case to keep other items safe in the washing machine. You thank me later.

Take care of these two tiny outfit items.

Did you imagine the whole issue?

Now you know.


🌺 🌺 🌺 🌺 🌺


Do you feel safe in your socks?

Had you face any trouble with them?

I'd love to hear from you.

Drop me a line here or even in e-mail.

It's great to exchange views on topics.


P.S. 1. I am here for you, if you have Questions on how to find solutions in daily strange issues styling items causes to us.

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my free pattern for pants and a blouse
my free pattern for pants and a blouse

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