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Do Not Ignore Plants Before Trying Them.

There is a way to give voice to your #mood while staying at home. That's called green way.

Do you love them? What you have to mention or avoid? Who and how can treat them? There is a way to give voice to your #mood while staying at home. That's called green way. What i mean, will come here in this tip - post.

''Each time you think about #decorative items, the 50% of people mean #plants.They are easy to put in a corner. If they need quick and simple treatment like water and some help by a #specialist then this seems to be the ideal way to add beauty in your space. They add color and #style plus #relaxation. ''

''They also look like acting as people do. Keeping their color, closing their petals, acting in light - even the natural or those came from electricity. They show attitude against the strange #weather. Some people talk them in a daily basis as they insist that this exact point add them life and #growing goals. Do you believe it?''

So i feel i am right. In additional they seem to chose other plants to join them. Some times you can see one pot looking like a sick person. Pale, non active in #water or #light and when you put it in another position they look like smiling. Crazy but good things.

Imagine what maters when you use #eco friendly materials like #sand pots, #paper jars, #bamboo baskets e.t.c. ... They join a party and make your place looking like an exotic paradise. Every time you look at them you get a fresh breath.

Don't be afraid to ask specialists about their needs. They like to advise you. In a few days you can learn many things about them even you had never kept any plant at home.

If you feel of course that a plant could suffer as you miss all the day out or at work or you use to travel often, dare then to use fake green items. Yes, these can be flowers or bouquets or tall artistic creations kept in jars.

Maybe you do not like them in all qualities but if you have a nice look at stores, you can discover wonderful items looking like real.

Think a positive reason as keeping them for ever as they need nothing but cleaning to admire them always. No water, nothing more.

Another issue you have to mention seriously is a sweet #baby or an adorable #pet who lives with you. Many of the green items you keep at home are #toxic so be sure if the little lovely person approaches freely any of the leaves or try to eat them.

A huge danger can drive them to bad #allergies or even to death. This is always a nasty event. Be careful. You should also protect your cute pets which love to play on the floor and they can't understand that plants are not a kind of food for them.

To be honest plants flowers and all the #green material about your place deserve a little worthy time.

You will love to offer treatment and get natural beauty, though, so just do it.

Use them. Treat them. #Love them.

Play with them changing their position in a room.

No bad to add fresh tones at home, office and everywhere.

Think eco friendly, feel the nature, breath clean.

*Which is your favorite flower or plant and why?

Let me know. Feel free to comment and share this post to your social pages, also.

Lets start a discussion about Eco thoughts about green, nature, plants and their power in decoration and health.



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