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While Getting Into a Renovation Mood In Old Rooms, Think Smart. Why Not Use Candy Or Light Colors?

Be creative using a variety of furniture items in style and color. Keep their practicity and let them adding beauty in your house.

Pale colors are friends each others.

Plain and sweet, dark or strange. All play together with shapes, measuring ways and #fashion. Artists say that #decoration is the great cousin of fashion. Do you know why? They both follow common #trends. In this article we talk about exact #styles which are beloved from many people.

Women & girls usually are fans of them. There are many men, though, who support these styles, adding their own details and worthy items,too. Here they are.

Vintage, Chabby chic, Romantic.

Find out how these styles match to soft #colors. The smart point is that each small damage or scratch on them adds beauty on their #surface. It makes it look like an experienced mature human, who keeps secret stories of his life to tell you about. How many times had you asked your grandma how the old chair got a sharp line in the centre of it? Do you remember your mommy screaming that if you write on the table out of its tablecloth, it will be destroyed? Memories & feelings. These styles tell sweet stories then.

While you get a #renovation mood in this old #room, think smart. Why not to use plain white for brightness in a corner? See the visible roof beams give their decorative something. Look how your old rug takes place here. You made a dining room very easily with an abandoned but not at all indifferent table. In his tired abrasions you will pass a little color. Unusual seats will soon be filled with guests. Wooden bench and chairs of simple design will bring admiration. You also unbuttoned those glass mirrors and it is like feeling elegant entities of another era coexist in your space. A lamp with crystals will not look out of place or excessive, since it will show your desire to decorate this room so beautifully. There is no lack of nostalgic decanters and other delicate utensils as well as the simple greenery, which so shyly but effectively finds its place. What's up guys? Are the others delayed? Serve immediately!

A wonderful room keeps plendy of vintage items *

( * This image above comes from a free Google search & appears in many topics without showing its original name)

A romantic bedroom using easy natural & pal colors

And here a lovely bedroom comes to play with candy light colors. Tender pink with off white, sand beige and pure white rule the game. The #material is so important, too. Look how the cute lace of the cushion case stands on the soft elephant beige blanket. The design on the decorative squared pillow smiles you to take it to your hands. Two large back pillow cases in floral background cause your admiration. #Comfort and #elegance are both spread out in this room. Don't you feel like a celeb or a king/ queen yet? The extremely stunning small #commode with its drawer keeps your secrets inside it. Take a look at the clock with its catchy style. It wants to stop the moment right now. To let you touching the smooth linnen light cover and approaching the special transparent curtain. Those rich mirror on the wall searches your face. Stay in front of it and make your choice on these easy combinated colors, as exactly you do when you try make up colors for a favorite personal look.

What if you want to add colors?

If you love to add different or more colors you can do it in a safe way, as the basis is full of neutrals, easy, not noisy colors without the danger to destroy the #harmony in the atmosphaire. Remember that it's so usual to mix many of pale colors in a place, just because they look great in their silence. Pure dynamic colors though need special #skills from you to stand correctly together. You need a plan to learn how to do it or you may ask a decorator to suggest you a nice color #combination. You have to do that to avoid the tiredness in your eyes, while you live in the place you want to decorate.

What is your lovely decoration style? What are your favorite colors?

Please feel free to answer me here and share the article to your social pages, if you think it would be a good advice to your lovelies.

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Blessings to you!


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