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5 Work Secrets Your Pajamas & Your Nightgown Need To Tell You.

Come closer: ''Let me resting on bed & wear real clothes!''

Do you live like this? So many time at home, maybe #working from your own place. This is a dreamy situation for some people, at the same time it sounds awful for others. The naked truth is that you have to follow instructions, each workplace sets you nowadays to increase your creativity at work. Make a picture in mind, #teleworking hugged to your dog, from the kitchen room, sitting at balcony, on the floor, listening to music, eating and feeling out of those strict way at your previous #office. It sounds better than the ordinary time but nobody swears it's easy enough for everyone to work from #home.

“Had you ever a thought in the past to stay at home, sitting on your large #desk, wearing a lovely warm & trendy pair of #pajamas or a sexy #nightgown working on #projects? Don't laugh at all, my friend. The closed #camera would help you keeping the private styling, at the same time your comfortable #mood could rest your body in a puffy armchair.”

Then you realize that pajamas & nightgowns are made for #sleeping. It's better to set limits and an organized #plan when working. If you stay as you look in a bedroom, you will low the natural #speed of doing something at your working time. You may feel more relaxed and #boring than it's needed or allowed.

And you want to keep your #quality at work. You want to be #serious & #responsible, don't you?

''Hey, worker! Let us resting on your bed & wear real clothes, at last!''

Yes! The advice comes directly from your bedroom. They speak. Ha ha! Your pajamas keep their own #personality. They know that during your 1st breaktime at your work on the #laptop, your loveliest thing, is to switch everything off. We talk about one single button on the #gadget. Then your soft blanket calls you to jump in there. The fireplace spreads around a sweet mood like a cloud of caramels thrown in the air. Your cozy cup with a tasty coffee still smells wonderful and each ornament on the #Xmas tree travels your mind. Hard time means staying at home in the #pandemia but you feel crazily calm grabbing the chance to work at home, wearing these talkable pajamas of the article.

The cotton or satin set of pajamas though, beg you to leave them in a quiet thesis in your bedroom.


Here they are. They explain to you why you have to wear clothes even working from home.

  1. Feel home as a real office. Take serious your own place and mention/ count the time. The weekend didn't come yet.

  2. What if you need to switch on the laptop camera talking to a client?

  3. Are you a magician to be able wearing a shirt in 2 seconds?

  4. What will happen if the incredible #deal of your dreams is now ready for you and you are not available at the moment, as you just wear a transparent lace nightgown?

  5. The worse of all, what will you do, if an #argument takes place at the moment and all #coworkers plus the boss ask you to show your own #reaction/ opinion on the topic RIGHT NOW? #Live time on camera...

So, it's better to feel cool in easy clothes.

Your #boss won't scream if you wear a cool T - shirt. He/ she may expresses yourself, wearing a cooler one than yours. If he/ she is an easy going type of character, a better #collaboration would be a happy result in your common #target hunting. Don't feel shy if you are asked to put your tea cup closer on your desk. Or wearing something more if you feel cold.

We are all #human beings.

You know, at this period of time logical and #sensitive people understand more than ever each others. Not bad to keep a kind and friendly #attitude. Feel ambitious and clear.

Relax all people working with you with a really smart joke. Make a real question full in #concern about everyone who works with you under these situations.

It's good to be a #nice person.

You can now be sure that even clothes made for sleeping times can help you in #daily moments. And remember that funny or simple thoughts are like #solutions. Whatever your subject is at work, whoever you are or however you look like,

remind all those which make you unique as a human being.

Be you. Be real.


Your action:

What do you use to wear daily at work?

Do you find funny or hard to stay in pajamas while working on these days?


Please feel free to answer me here and share the article to your social pages,

if you think it would be a good advice to your lovelies.

Keep in touch reading my free blog posts and thanks for joining my site here!

Creatively yours!


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