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C.C.C. : Meet The Country Casual Comfortable Style In Decoration

Key words to introduce you to this decoration style, which loves wood, earth & natural materials.

When we say Country style, we mean an exact style, which is based on handmade, traditional, rustic, natural details.

It's easy for you to keep a full list of keywords about this style. This will be a strong base to make pictures in your mind.

Even we mean a cottage house in Tuscan or a farmhouse in Texas, a village house in a Greek island or a coastal room in Australia, main words help you to check quickly & effectively, if an object matches to the result you need to decorate a place.

“You have to mention, that is you, who dares to put things close and make combinations in #decoration. Following tips by experts, makes errors won't be able to reach you.”

Let me show you then, how you can save #decoration_keyword lists in this style you need to learn about.

Country - Traditional - Cottage - Natural - Rustic style.

  • wood,

  • natural,

  • cane,

  • handcrafted items,

  • earth friendly,

  • stone,

  • farm,

  • leather,

  • raw materials,

  • canvas,

  • simplicity,

  • logs,

  • brown, green, grey, natural colors,

  • bricks, clay tiles,

  • undone - imperfect look,

  • rough surfaces,

  • fireplace,

  • baskets,

  • knitted rags,

  • clay on houseware,

  • embroidery,

  • warm atmosphere

  • inviting feeling

  • plants, pet houses

  • vintage objects

Rustic style adds warmth & inviting feelings to a place.

It looks very different from minimal & modern lines.

You can admire #handmade items with rough details.

The amazing point on them is this stunning #imperfect_sense they leave to your eyes. Do not expect smooth glossy surfaces.

Colors look like a beloved company, all together being in a natural symphony.

Just keep the #comfortable_mood & an object's simple utility and beauty.

You can add personal details in this style creating unique results.

Just be careful to keep the main keyword: #naturality.

Feel the wooden parts on the ceiling, attracting the eyes.

Let your feet to respect the earth.

Curtains and bed items follow every cotton, linen, batiste fabric to make life practical plus simply worthy in a #style which makes you feel free.

To meet your #childhood maybe, or to show you the daily saved time close to the nature. Plants and pets will steal your sweet time by their cute existence, too.

#Floral_patterns and #romantic_shapes look great in this style.

Make sure to keep a limit in objects.

3 items in a room in common style is a nice number, to keep the style clear.

“Dare your own talents to creat rustic art.

  • handmade baskets,

  • natural material on boxes,

  • bottles decorated with fabric or leaves,

  • old papers in frames

  • vintage watches,

  • plates and more, add an original touch.

Some times people throw away old items or ignore #rustic things, to buy new ones.

Living in a #city, they think it's stylish and modern to follow a minimal style.

There is not any force on you, to follow this way of living.

You can live in a futuristic place in a city.

You may love, though, to escape whenever you want, to your #village keeping its style absolutely #traditional.

The style in decoration, on furniture or on your outfits do not sign your character.

Feel free and happy trying a variety in styles in everything.

Be smart on style, anyways.


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