C.C.C. : Meet The Country Casual Comfortable Style In Decoration

Key words to introduce you to this decoration style, which loves wood, earth & natural materials.

When we say Country style, we mean an exact style, which is based on handmade, traditional, rustic, natural details.

It's easy for you to keep a full list of keywords about this style. This will be a strong base to make pictures in your mind.

Even we mean a cottage house in Tuscan or a farmhouse in Texas, a village house in a Greek island or a coastal room in Australia, main words help you to check quickly & effectively, if an object matches to the result you need to decorate a place.

“You have to mention, that is you, who dares to put things close and make combinations in #decoration. Following tips by experts, makes errors won't be able to reach you.”

Let me show you then, how you can save #decoration_keyword lists in this style you need to learn about.

Country - Traditional - Cottage - Natural - Rustic style.

  • wood,

  • natural,

  • cane,

  • handcrafted items,

  • earth friendly,

  • stone,

  • farm,

  • leather,

  • raw materials,

  • canvas,

  • simplicity,

  • logs,

  • brown, green, grey, natural colors,

  • bricks, clay tiles,

  • undone - imperfect look,

  • rough surfaces,

  • fireplace,

  • baskets,

  • knitted rags,

  • clay on houseware,

  • embroidery,

  • warm atmosphere