7 Ways to Jump Out of Addiction to Lifestyle Stereotypes, Shopping Fever & Constructed Life.

Why creating an ideal fake life on social sites makes you seem silly.

Posing for the last minute for tonight. Taking this picture by the cellphone in front of the bathroom door with a fruit mask on the face. You connect with your readers/ followers, friends, relatives, fans or haters and potential customers and so on in a way that’s current and interesting, as you like to think. Feel it as an ongoing iconic conversation where you can share updates about business, trends, news, and more. Really? Are you feeling comfortable at those moment?

“ Had you left any info remained to show of from your personal daily life? Do you feel your social accounts in a rule somehow like a diary? ”

You’ll be thinking loads of engaging content, so be sure to keep your opinion organized with force that also allows you to face my pure way of thiking without the judgement in my purpose. No, I am not here to name you as a restless guy. I am not the perfect social media user to teach you how to treat online behaviours.

The important I would like to mention is that I watch people like acting in a TV program in which some of them pretend in their life like following a scenery. Since social sites arrived in our life, things got strange for some of them.

Keeping yourself real is more interesting than pretending.

Expensive clothes and jewels or trendy bags, eccentric shoes, crazy colors on make up, maybe bor