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How To Kill The Gossip From Your Close People About Your Own Look.

They deserve your sharp answer.

Who cares about gossips about your look? Smile, people!
Who cares about gossips about your look? Smile, people! 😁

I have stories to tell you.

Not fairytales in sweet advices and love.

You are asked to sit comfortably, enjoying the real words here.

I feel nice. Fresh to reveal truths.

People keep their own face.


Talents, good points, bad habits and personal taste.

Each one of us does things for himself.

No one has got the right to force you. To mimic others.

Personalities are not cold trends.

Make the scene in your mind. Live and full in energy.

Welcome your rude people.

You visit a relative or a friend opening your warm hug for them. It 's a long time to see each others and your sincere smile suddenly looks like a sad line on your face.

Like those thin holes where snakes try to baste themselves into.

“Had you ever thought that some people are made to attack to others without a reason, just to hide their own insecurity issues?”

I do keep many. People like these. Not insecurity.😉 🙏

Unfortunately these persons pretend kindness, calmness and supporting mood to others.

I try to control my rebel smile right now, to not let it get transformed to a scream expression. Fed up by idiots, full in hypocrisy.

They try to hide their daily gossip, when they see you approaching. They feel bad for their own look acting by a nervous attitude.

What 's their profit of this bad attitude?


Do you wanna know the mad part of the story?

Here's the list of the crazy critical phrases on you.

You never cause a word.

You just missed them. So you met them asking normally about their life.

And they grab an arrow, flying these shits to you:

  • You gain weight!

  • You are thin. You suffer by anorexia.

  • You look older so you need special creams for the face.

  • So modern dressed! Who do you think you are? Are you a celeb?

  • Oh, so simply dressed. Poor shopping.

  • Red lip gloss? You cause mention. Calm it.

  • High heels are for short people. You don't need them.

  • Flat shoes are so ugly.

  • How long hair. Cut them at last.

  • Why so short hair, you look like a boy.

  • Eat. You look sick.

  • Stop eating. You are fat.

  • What's that ring! It doesn't fit you.

  • Omg, this skirt... so bad, formal!

  • What's this color on your head. This hair is too much trendy for you.

  • Why don't you try___ ( all their own taste on 2000 products/ clothes/ habits).

Then you 're ready to visit a doctor to calm you.

You keep the right to loud back the lovely phrase ''stop 't!''

What's that look? ''Mind your own business'' is a clear answer.
What's that look? ''Mind your own business'' is a clear answer. / Photo by random search on Google.

I enjoy answering back to them. 😉 Am I bad?

No, I am not. Do you know why?

It's the feeling of the plain innocence which kicks you to answer them.

We all keep a look by our birth time. DNA rules on our face and body image, later.

Diet and gym help us being healthy and stunning.

However our look is, people should be kind and never getting involved in personal tips.

''Mind your own business'' is a clear answer.

And cause I love fair deals, here are my own reactions, when I receive useless arrows like these. Even from family members. Cz I dare and I certainly enjoy it.

  • I won't ask you to sew dresses for me. Don't worry.

  • I keep my stomach storage happy.

  • I plan of causing a Sumo player to a game.

  • I try to pass within a needle hole. I got it.

  • I was to borrow your creams but I see they won't work.

  • Wearing many trends and colors I get a famous attention.

  • I 'll wear flat shoes to reach you.

  • I 'll show you how to wear high heels.

  • You know I'd never trusted you to comb my hair.

  • You'll never look like Rapunzel in your long hair.

  • My formal skirt improves my ass better than yours does.

  • I 'd never put your boring hair color on mine.

  • I'm sexy juicy while you feel fat in our common number of kg.

  • I'll eat more if you learn to cook.

  • My other rings are put on a safe.

And 3000 collected answers from your fantasy.😉

They started the bad game 1st, so we have to be great players, don't you think so?

This is a behavior worst than kids have while playing.

Be honest though and tell me, why people start this to us?

They bet on our silence.

We keep the calm mood among families, companies and communities.

This way is wrong.

If you keep feeding the bad attitude of a rude person, he'll tell you more and worse then.

If you put limits and shut doors in his mouth, he feels your teeth ready to bite him.

Cz you can, you deserve respect and your time is precious.

No one told, that persons like those above are not shit-ignored, already.

By you and your right to look however you like to.

You've got the power.



This post is the 1st of a series in which you 'll find :

Styling or Decoration issues we all face in our daily life.

Find your voice and what's your own talent.

Free comment about your experiences.



Do you accept attack on your look from your people?

Do you/ How you react back?


P.S. 1. I am here for you, if you have Questions on how to find solutions in daily strange issues styling causes to us.

2. Check the worthy tips you can get from the Full Home Study Courses here.


Creatively yours, Marya.


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