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Reasons To Let Your Parfum Be A Teacher For You About Special Incidents.

Why an elegant even a simple bottle can make up or smash down your mood. It drives you to crazy roads during various life paths.

Welcome to the world of #beauty. People often judge hard to these fields thinking that #styling means nothing to life. These persons may keep important thesis in your life. Imagine your sister advising you to not spend money to air. She may think that a #parfum is an absolutely useless liquid, tricky kept locked in expensive bottles, just to make rich all those famous companies, which stucks on your desire to try it on your #skin. You love that great smelling product so you spend your salary on this and so the show goes on. Your lovelies think you are a silly cunsomer.

Your best friend runs maybe close now, ready to shout at you, that it would be better for your skin to use just a natural soap. She hates to collect empty beautiful bottles feeling that they can not be decorative enough put in her #personal place. Here comes your co-worker telling you that you may stop supporting factories, which ignore animals even human beings while trying the very first ingredients on your skin causing allergies. He thinks style is to stay natural. He suggests you essential oils or baking soda powder. Did you know how effective is this white stuff when softly gets applied on skin surfaces? It's true you avoid any dirty sense on your body by this way.

And you stay silent then as you basically agree with all of them about their serious love on your own skin. Yes, people. It is great to take care of yourself reading labels. Investigate about the exact ''something'' you put on this #sensitive part off your own creation; the skin. A red, irritated, swelled skin area can destroy your mood each time in your life. We talk about sickness. Dermatologists never laugh on theses themes.

“Last time i remember myself suffering by health issues, my enemy was a clever advertised - innocent deodorant stick with its matched original parfum in a cotton box as a set of 2. Cool design on their bottles, sparkling glass colors, cute labels and a smooth satin ribbon on their cover made them looking adorable. I just wanted both standing on my shelf. How beautiful, till the creamy miracle of the deo - stick touched my skin.”


At the exact next moment my #doctor tried his strong voice to my ears, explaining me that each product keeps its own secret. Yes, you guessed right. I had to visit the hospital. And staying in. And stopping even thinking. What a bad luck. I had to feel the sharp pain under my broken armpits, to lose time of my work, to let serious events not done, to explain my nasty story to curious people and to face the previous lovelies. Yes, they already wore the judge's cape to cover me. Flaunt, people. O.k. guys, I was unlucky using the wrong cosmetic. So, how to prevent the accident by my own?

The other part of the story is now here. #Elegance stands by the parfum army to teach you style and healthy tips.

You do your styling. Are you ready to learn which magical last movement can make you memorable, unforgettable, beloved among people, instantly? Accept the sudden invitation to a party taking it with you in your bag, just use less at work, put its small version in the office, hidden in a drawer, spray it at the cafe time, on your neck being in a date or just create a cloud passing through it, to keep it on your hair. It's your aura.

The ideal parfum is like a document. The precious one which won your nose sense. The one and only you 'd like to characterize you always and forever. A parfum can be your identity. A parfum reminds you people, seconds, feelings, decisions. A parfum could create a #sensual atmosphair. It does not need to be neccesary an expensive one. It depends of your skin reaction. If it is #eco - friendly or natural materials rule in them this would be the best scenery for you. Make it happen. Try to find firms which sell directly to the customer. In this way you save a lot of money and the safety to put on your skin #products well checked all followers of the health laws.

No bad for you my friend. You just buy a parfum with a shaving foam bottle plus the shampoo as a #gift in a useful box. Why to avoid the #offer? And your cousin just catched up a handmade bag with a full parfum serie in an incredible price.

The only you have to mention is that there are times thinking twice if avoiding to put your #musk, sandal wooden senses or even a light #aroma. A dentist doctor may accept many people on dates at work. Coming close to so many parfums may be bad for this part of workers. Hair stylists also come close to you. If you are to do the baby sitting to a family. If you have to use 3 buses to go somewhere. Better to keep the wave low.

Giving a parfum as a gift is a harder action than it seems to, also. You have to know very well the other person to sellect so personal objects. With parfums happens as exactly does with the underware set of someone; each one keeps his own personal style.

A stylish tip then is this here; some rich in flavor parfums smell better during the cold winter and others smell light lovely during the warm summer. Rich or expensive, imprisoned in a marvelous or minimal bottle, a parfum could be your personal sign among the crowd. Dare to be different trying a vintage one. You won't smell it to all of your close people, plus the interesting story could be created, if a mysterious person asked you about your parfum. Make it a picture. What if the person reminds past #memories and add now feelings meeting you?

Yes, i think you have to ask me writing a novel based on this.

You smile and i can see you!

What is your lovely? Do you change parfum easily or you try to keep your very own one in your cosmetic bag?

Please feel free to answer me here and share the article to your social pages if you think it would be a good advice to your lovelies.

Keep in touch reading my free blog posts and thanks for joining my site here! Blessings to you!


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