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Why You Need A Sewing Expert For Your Outfits.

Find what this person could do for you.

Your own design and sewing world/ My personal collection

Welcome to one of my passions. #Fashion_Design & #Sewing.

Imagine a child to hold #needles and #fabrics trying to create #clothes for her dolls.

After some weeks she dares to create her 1st top blouse.

And a pair of trousers.

And a skirt.

And a scarf, and a sleeveless top, and a new dress with tulle, and ... and... an endless list of various clothes for also #endless_styling.

“Do you know that sewing as activity or hobby is like studying a whole course of full lessons about outfits? Make a mature thought now to feel what all this means to a prof designer and stylist or a person who purely loves fashion .”

You’ll be thinking loads of simple reasons on why to hire a sewing expert in your life.

This doesn't have any relation to only save money.

It's about style.

Pure and good style.

Appreciating a sewing specialist.

Win style made just for you.

  • Letting this person discovering your body type and your special taste in fashion you make him a good friend who always helps you looking amazing.

  • He knows which pattern suits to your body and if an exact cloth item is right for you.

  • It's lovely to learn about ideal fabrics or heights and widths for your best dresses, pants, blouses or coats.

  • He easily advises you to buy a stunning pair of shoes to try the new skirt he sews for you nowadays.

  • You can ask him which shirt needs longer sleeves adding satin parts or which old dress could get bright new, adding embroidery or lace on it.

  • You discover items in law prices but you keep in mind that he can make it looking spectacular adding details on it.

  • Never forget that he can repair or transform everything for you.

  • He can be a precious friend dedicated to your personal style.

  • And he could make a vintage item looking personalized.

Design, my passion. Sewing, my love.

Ask for his skills.

A #sewing_machine itself doesn't make anyone expert in #sewing_art.

It 's a hard art full on details and fine care.

It's a talent and even you learn things on this topic, you need endless hours and passion to do it well.

Actually you never stop learning on this.

You love the machine but you have to train your hands on a variety of textiles and cloth types to be a guru on this art.

And you have to respect all types of clothes to learn how they are made.

I can't deny that when I went to the 1st lesson in Styling Class my skills on sewing and material's treatment and the whole experience I've got already for 1 decade, being just 19 in age, gifted me the complete free access to 2 years in Pattern and Fabric Cut studying courses.

Just because I knew each step forward by others.

Exams were a pretty enjoyable time for me helping others to understand things.

It was so comfy to work on Fashion Industry since I was a student.

Earning money I could never imagine to get in so early young age.

My CV was also advanced by this reason so being an expert in sewing plus the styling part, helped many people to find their own style in daily outfits. As both clients and friends.

  1. They learnt to save money.

  2. Choosing their best items by advice.

  3. Trying new ones when it was a need and feeling trust to my suggestions.

  4. Looking beautiful in ideal cloth style.

For these reasons you deserve to meet your own sewing specialist.

You can do miracles creating with him all the magic you hide in your mind.

Had you yet find yours?


Do you like creating an original Style?

I'd love to hear from you.

Drop me a line here or even in e-mail.

It's great to exchange views on topics.

P.S. 1. I am here for you, if you have Questions on how to find solutions in daily strange issues styling causes to us.

Living in style means to add beauty on us, saving money at the same time.

You 'll find more and more in study course F - fashion or S - styling together

I 'll be happy to help you.

Just Ask me.

P.S.2. 🎁 Comment - Subscribe - Get your FREE gift from the ''about'' page.

🏝️Creatively Yours, Marya

Love for design sewing and fashion


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