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Feeling The Missing Of Cash Money

When the brain builds a palace & your wallet swim in agony

Thoughts on expenses in life bring ideas to help more people.
Thoughts on expenses in life bring ideas to help more people.

Your head is heavy.

Stones of thoughts and mountains of worry come every day to steal your calmness.

#Life is strange. Not bad. Just mad.

If you can't accept the beauty of life you may stay in the prison of #depression.

Without even asking to get #help.

I always cause a #smile to people's faces. I feel like gifting the #hope to others, is my due.

When I see hurt hearts, hopeless plans, never ending stories about work or life troubles,

it's my chance to rinse people by a fresh ''dare - rain''.

They usually ask how or why I keep this cheerful mood.

It's easy to tell, complicated to explain the story, though.

Even strong life is sweet.
Even strong life is sweet.

Even getting strong, life is sweet.

The hell list.

  • We see so many #things. For us or for the house.

  • We want them all. #Fashion items or #decorative pieces.

  • We think we need them all.

  • We try to #own them all.

  • We most #spend_money on them.

  • Money are never enough for all of us.

  • Many people get in sad mood cause of the #cash_money missing.

  • Human beings usually react like this. Nasty moments.

  • We feel unable to reach our #targets, then.

  • We feel like failure examples.

  • We try to earn more #money.

  • We get tired. By running to 2 #jobs.

  • We feel that the circle -where the wealth grabbing action takes place- is a wrong theory about our life.

  • And people's gossip makes things worse. You know that well.

  • We wake up feeling smarter than ever.

The value of pure money goals.

The moment we let our heart thinking the pure value of any other material in the world,
we know exactly what we really want,
what we clearly need and
what we deserve in life.

Money, cash, coins are 3 of the haters in your wealth agony.

The only way is #thinking_big.

People have got #skills.

More or less all of us keep an exact #talent in something.

If you never mention it, no one 'll worth it.

If you feel shy of having a talent, another bold guy 'll net himself as an expert sharing fake power.

Others admire your abilities in many activities but they may feel less precious than you on action.

So they sabotage your #dreams or never help you to improve, as you don't answer back.

Life is a hard project. Not even fair for all of its citizens.

Money should be simple colorful artistic papers to admire on.

Only. But they aren't like that.

The global community grows up in the slavery of King Money.

Think big, reach your dreams step by step. So you slap the demon of #misery.

Getting in action by program, plans and #positivity, you carry a real angel on your shoulders like trying a modern cape.

To let him protect you. To inspire you.

Collecting pieces of success you feel rich.

Organizing your work issues, responsibilities and expenses you are the boss of your life.

Never give up. Try your best in every issue you can solve by yourself.

This is a great talent.

  1. You save time,

  2. you avoid a messy place,

  3. you add knowledge in your brain,

  4. you help lovelies,

  5. you get in a new world: The creative new yourself.

And if you like to learn things, it's amazing to feel like student.

Ask specialists, experts, gurus how and when or why and what they can gift you.

It's worthless to let tears and a poverty aura pushing you to the cave.

And it's so dark in there...


Question :

Promise me, you'll search on what you are really good in?

In the next article I'll be your personal guider to the path you love.

Keep the list and wait me.

Next Wednesday comes soon!


P.S. 1. I am here for you, if you have Questions on how to find solutions in daily strange issues styling causes to us.

2. Check the worthy tips you can get from the Full Home Study Courses here.

All get well in life when we wish it by heart.
All get well in life when we wish it by heart.

Creatively Yours,



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