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Your Mood & Your Bed Are The Leaders In Your Bedroom. A Style Itself Can Not Do Revolutions.

Why your mood & a simple bed keep serious roles in a room. Styling comes later to add beauty.

Welcome to your #bedroom. Use this space to rest alone, with your lovely partner, close to your roommate or your brother/ sister. Think about the role of the room and mention that a stylish room looks beautiful but a #comfortable room is the best among the most stylish ones. Good #health is provided by a nice bed and that's why you have to take care on this topic.

“Do you have a design in mind for your bed? Whether you prefer, a trendy bed look or you’re going for a more traditional style bed - there’s a cool, comfortable furniture item like this for everyone.”

In this blog post here you won't discover an artistic analyzation of each style in bedrooms. Let me explain you. It is time to feel the value of #practicality and real #needs, when you pass the door of a bedroom. What do you win, if you feel tired to death and each time you lie down on your bed you feel like you 've been hit by a train?

This means that the bed needs an upgraded #stroma based on your body needs. Some people love it smooth. Others feel better on a hard one. Try it, if this action is allowed in stores, before buying a new one. What about the style then? This is the enjoyable part. You may use a cheap or expensive bed, in every kind of style you like. Let's meet a variety of room styles and their general details, which could help you to check and save informations for your bedroom, too. Yes, you are right. You won't ask your cat or your plants about these fields. So read on.

Does anyone of these bedrooms reminds yours?

Make a picture in mind. It's late afternoon. From the early morning you swore that after work the only action you will do is a quick shower and getting deep hugged by your bed and your cat, Beige. You love your bed. Yes, you adore the pure cotton surface of your bed sheets and the smothness of your pillow. You even use to spray a perfume on it. You search carefully for colors, fabrics and style about them.

And now it's the time to return #home. You open the door. Lock. Hug your light coat. Take your shoes off. Oh! Warm water awaits you in the bathroom. Your night pajamas gracefully whisper to the light. It kindly switches off, respecting your #tiredness.

And now guess. After an odd night sleeping time you wake up more tired then ever. Want to know the best part? It's not just about the stroma. A wrong, tough, even crazy color could cause you a bad mood. Non letting you relax at your own bedroom. This is nasty & dangerous for your health. Items not useful in this room could block your feeling.

A bedroom needs your personality so let me inspire you a bit.

So many styles - so many people - so many characters.

( Check the photo slide here with its description next. )

As you can see in this photo slide many people keep their #hobby stuff in the bedroom corner. Some specialists in psychology insist that you just need to #sleep and never #work in your bedroom.

People instead may confess that they love to work in their bedroom. The #familiar place makes them feeling productive. Some love working wearing their leisure clothes or clearing up their office material. Respecting each's way of thinking is the easiest path to discover solutions about your own life, too.

  1. One loves the internet world so he keeps a place with the main gadget, a table instead of a desc, a cute plant on it, his coffee cup and cozy armchairs. A bookcase couldn't miss the point and the kitten picture rules in a powerful color on its frame.

  2. The next person adores music. Would you expect the guitar collection living out of here? The wall agrees on this. They add artistic character in this place.

  3. A book eater lives & sleeps here. A comfy armchair lets the reader falling lost in the place of each's book story/ subject. No extra comment is needed. I love him & his simple pure room, dedicated to reading and maybe writing.

  4. The owner here loves sports. He is in love with his bike, the worthy nature and clear shapes. So he created an original bedroom that gives wide smiles when checking it. Take a careful look at the loft storage place under the bed, hidden by a curtain. Practicality louds you to do the same!

  5. A girl feels great among cute vintage storage furniture full in books, colors and craft materials. Like a delicious candy. Simple lines, full of joyness.

No matter to explain here if is correct to work by this room. It is a bedroom and you sleep in it. O.k., that's why this room is named in this way. And I agree at the rate of 50%.

Let me reveal you here, that I keep my own #office corner in the living room. I use it early in the morning, alone at home with music & a quick Greek snack. Adorable hours till the midday while the other members of my family force like the storm in the room. But I love this detail of my work. And all of these mad people living with me. And the diva Lady, our cat. Heh!

A bedroom with a wonderful view from the window.

Or not keeping a window.

  • No reason to feel bad however your bedroom is created. Every building has got its details. It follows exact lines and designs.

  • Some of you live in a traditional house, others in huge buildings. No matter if you see around minimal, luxury, simple, natural, trendy, romantic, country styled constructions.

  • The main theme you have to focus on, is to keep a bedroom in your house. Think of how many people miss a room for their sleep time in this unfair world.

  • Doesn't hurt you to feel that people work hard daily, but not all of them keep a room to rest or a personal place to use on this purpose?

  • Feel lucky and try to help if you can. Imagine people owning not even a simple bed. No even a corner to lie their tired body down.

  • A bedroom is a right for every human being.

( Check the photo slide here with its description next. )

  1. Grey tones meet black and white on a modern minimal bedroom here watching sharp forms of skyscrapers in a busy city when lying on the bed. What a feeling!

  2. A mountainous relaxing view from the huge windows calls you to rest in this #green #eco bedroom. Full in natural materials makes you throw out the tiredness. Love it.

  3. No decorative details. The easiest, simpliest bed in the world. You put a stroma on a pallet which is just put on the floor. Storage place, tiny plants even a light have got a thesis in this place that can be named more as a recess than a room. To keeps its real role. To offer you real sleep. Please notice an important tip about this bed: your stroma in this exact way will never lose its shape, as it's put without relaxation in its middle part.

  4. The #fairytale bedroom of this post is here. A dreamy #garden out of the room, romantic like you watch in movies. Pale roses and neutral colors, a stylish vintage mirror, a fabric curtain hugged from the wall, a wallpaper rained by a small floral cloud. Call your prince/ princess and leave us here to talk about the topic. I know, your mind travels now to a novela. Bon voyage!

  5. Come back from your mind trip to introduce you to an absolutely practical bed corner. Walls in the warm color of the coffee with non smooth surface calm you. Two boxes put on the wall instead of commodes, play their basic roles to let you put inside them tiny things like a book, your cellphone, a paper, a pen, a small bottle of water or other. Antithesis in black for the two lights and a bold but interesting place to sleep is created. Surely keeping its fans.

You see that each of these bedrooms above don't keep a clear style.

They keep details the owners need to live in each one.

''People give shapes and character to places. Not places make the people to live in them.''

Appreciate your bed then and try to feel proud of it. Even you live in a town or a village.

It's so easy to add style in it, to change it, to upgrade it.

I promise in next posts here to analyze each style properly with details, material, colors, surfaces and D.I.Y. #creations.

They are parts of the organized & professional material in my seminar D.

This will help you to create by yourself whatever you like to add in your house, to make it easy to live in, so the bedroom deserves it, too.

Stay tuned & submit the form in the site. It's free.


What misses from your bedroom and why?

Do you use to work some times in your own bedroom?

What style is your favorite?


Please feel free to answer me here and share the article to your social pages,

if you think it would be a good advice to your lovelies.

Keep in touch reading my free blog posts and thanks for joining my site here!

Blessings to you!


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