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Your Shoes Whisper Life Truths To You. Do You Listen To Them?

Do You Dare To Ask Them For More?

Remind those sweaty moments of such an everyday shoe.

It literally crawls on your feet from your innocent childhood or unborn adolescence to your tired moments today, through various colors and textures of materials.

The moment when pushing one heel to the other.

To take them out and throw them as comforting as - like in a corner on the balcony with your socks together, like embracing friends ready for conspiracy.

Where did these shoes walk you and how much? How many stories they have, to be told by groups, cute conversations, music that made them rub on the floor of a cafe or park!

How did they climb walls and get those scratches, which remind you of auxiliary hugs and sweets with faces, who wore similar all - stars, genuine or not, classic in style or trendy?

If life were a shoe, eh?

Fine you thought it in this way, my friend!

You will not go the same way, whether you were an elegant heel with pearls, or a sandal with peacock feathers or a cotton flat sole, cheap, practical.

As a pure, real canvas, eh?

I know what you just thought now.

I see you in front of my eyes.

You prefer this genuine courage with the troublesome laces, because it is the personification of your life!

Isn't that as same how everyday life is? Cramped moments of anxiety and sweet agony, to catch them all even if you smell pure sweat.

The air of your energy will give you back the freshness and your soles will then become wings.

“You follow the path your own shoes guide you to,

not the road others push you to run on.”

You won't walk alone.

You are ready and able to fly to the always full corner of your memory, where you took them off your feet.

All star - sweet smile should be called! And do you know something?

Even if the legs get older, the walking times they did, do not go away.

During their day or night!

GOOD TIME to everybody!

What is your lovely style of daily shoes?

Do you love or hate keeping the same kind of them in your style & outfits?

Does your outfit affects to your daily habits, the lifestyle and your opinion on life issues?


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if you think it would be a good advice to your lovelies.

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Blessings to you!


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