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Artists. So Passionate People We Are

Creativity is our sister & sensitivity is our brother.

We love #design and #sketches.

We adore #melodies. They hug us like a magical veil.

We tie our #thoughts to #words. On a smooth vintage piece of #paper.

Or on modern #blog #posts.

We are #artists.

In design or in writing fields.

We are addicted to Miss Art.

And she smiles to us. Widely.

“Do you keep an #addiction? Any strange #passion? Some people name them habits. Hobbies? But I know you name it : Pure #Art''.

I agree. You feel me and I know it.

Your soul 's never hungry.

Your heart 's never thirsty.

Expressions on your face are pretty noisy.

Movements of your body shape a special chorography.

You love to be, to feel, to act as a real artist.

And nothing else matters!!!

Slipping on the rail...

We, artists, should be loved by all. We just #value their own attitude!

Even reacting like a mystery train, lost in a foggy place, we would never tie you on the rails! Do you know why?

We love to stay pure like kids !

So, do you?



I love to feed the kid inside you.

Check my site and grab free advices from my blog page.


Ask me about your room or outfit issues.

I'll help you like your best friend.

And I'll learn you how to do it by your own.

I'd love to see you creating all these i adore to create. too.



Creatively yours, Marya
Creatively yours, Marya


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