Artists. So Passionate People We Are

Creativity is our sister & sensitivity is our brother.

We love #design and #sketches.

We adore #melodies. They hug us like a magical veil.

We tie our #thoughts to #words. On a smooth vintage piece of #paper.

Or on modern #blog #posts.

We are #artists.

In design or in writing fields.

We are addicted to Mrs Art.

And she smiles to us. Widely.

“Do you keep an #addiction? Any strange #passion? Some people name them habits. Hobbies? But I know you name it : Pure #Art''.

I agree. You feel me and I know it.

Your soul 's never hungry.

Your heart 's never thirsty.

Expressions on your face are pretty noisy.

Movements of your body shape a special chorography.

You love to be, to feel, to act as a real artist.

And nothing else matters!!!

Slipping on the rail...

We, artists, should be loved by all. We just #value their own attitude!

Even reacting like a mystery train,