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Coming! Xmas! Coming!

And I become a child!

Christmas are coming! (Photo - random search on Google)
Christmas are coming! (Photo - random search on Google)

'' Welcome Xmas,

find in map: love and peace

for all the people,

give a feeling and a hug! ''

Are you a summer guy?

So do I!

But I love Christmas.

Whether I am in the mountains or at sea, they are just as sweet!

Wishes are the cause.

I am waiting for them to become a reality.

Not just for me.

For the whole world.

Because people need support more than ever.

Each one of us, struggles every day.

And any relationship is more difficult today.

Anxiety fights hope.

The result of every effort in anything, not always gets ideal.

People and opinions are often unfair.

Both in a hurry.

Hearts are often cold.

And ignorance to fellow human beings, a sad daily addiction.

After a search from the soul, the finding:

Life is not bad.

It becomes like that.


It becomes like that.

It is in your hand or rather in:

  • deep thought,

  • dare decision,

  • sensitive heart,

  • movement to beautify and change.

'' Think of other people. Give a smile. Create joy. ''

Love is the best ornament of Xmas time period.
Love is the best ornament of Xmas time period. Photo by Google random searching.


  • Just say it. With a letter or a card decorated with your drawings, as you did as a child. And perfume sprayed on paper. Yeah!

  • With a spontaneous hug along with the idea of ​​a new braid on your niece's hair. With a handmade bow for the edge. Sweetie!

  • Baking a surprise meal for the family, even if you never feel ''it'' in the cooking art for every day. Serving on a tablecloth painted by yourself! Wow!

  • Repairing the damaged knob on your friend's door, without his asking. And a bag of cookies, the ones full in cinnamon, making the one next door to ring the bell. Delicious!

  • Creating crazy earrings for your friends with materials that roll in your home. In a box you made from paper. Yes, yes!

  • Arranging the towels in your cousin's bathroom in a fashionable and practical way during the two days he left his house at your disposal. And tying a cute ribbon to his door. So lovely!

  • Repairing the scarf that your mom lent you, adding new pearls to the finish. Learning her to tie it in 5 different ways. Stylish!

  • Creating for your dad a case for his vintage magazines, with paintings and decorated with rope. Add a link to now read them on his laptop. You will teach him everything! Well done!

What do you think?

A thought, a movement and an effortless smile fill the space.

Creates memories.

Colors, tastes and movements stay alive and the air smells of emotion.

Cold heat or rain do not scare you.

Christmas is coming to us and love fills us.

Anyway I 'll wait on the balcony counting your candy smiles.

Do Know This :) ...


Question: What is your wish this Xmas?

Answer me here or in the e-mail.

Come and exchange views on social media

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❤❤❤ Marya

With a sweet Christmas mood!


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