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Made With Love. For You.

Get my creations easily. Directly from my hands.

I always loved to create #fashion and #decoration items.

That's why i 've been studying about 4 years (plus all extra seminars and practice in next years).

To let myself getting introduced right after as a full professional #designer & #stylist, now #educator.

Now #my_creations are available to you within #my_official_website here.

Why you 're suggested to get them?

You won't meet annoying or more than you need issues related to #my_company.

  • No strange sellers,

  • no noisy advertisement specialists,

  • no wrapping experts,

  • no expenses on any other sewing guru,

  • no crazy co-designers running works out of the studio

  • no international models to wear everything and sharing poses in pictures

  • no useless social effects to attract people like fish.

It's my own #handmade #work in my own time by my own hands.

With #love and loyalty.

#Inspiration, #design, creative part and #shipping time are all simply made in my_studio.

Easy orders, simple words, explanations, treatment labels, low prices made for people as you and me.

No wasting materials, fabrics, papers or lies.

Sales and discount coupons in a block of 3 just offered to you.

- 10% of the total price in your 1st order.( Check in the website page ''Creations'').

Free shipping to Greece and Cyprus.

Not because I am Greek.

It has to do with the exact deal and domestic prices that logically are lower for places located closer than others.

These deals are officially offered by track companies.

You feel me so sincere and I know that you appreciate it.

Believe me that parcels sent by the local Postal office also keep their rates low for international packs, so you get info about what you'll totally pay at the receive time.

And I am very happy for this option, to make you all happy.

And I'm here to answer your questions.

Take a tour in my website.

Enjoy by heart meeting my creations : physical and e-seminars / home study courses!

I can be one of your bests friends.

Cz you love

  • fashion and clothes,

  • jewels,

  • sandals,

  • home items,

  • cute pieces for kids,

  • and lovely creations for the office,

  • wedding full pack are made for you,

  • more good things 'll come in days.

You'll be finding more and more in the site,

whether you are a creative person who loves to learn how to create them


getting them all done from me with love for you.

My handmade products get prepared for you.
My handmade products get prepared for you.


Welcome at my studio.

What do you need the most right now?

Fashion items?

Home pieces?

I'd love to hear from you.

Drop me a line here or even in e-mail.

It's great to exchange views on topics.


P.S. 1. I am here for you, if you have Questions on how to find solutions in daily strange issues styling causes to us.

Check the worthy tips you can get from the Free Tips page

Creatively Yours,



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