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Nothing Like Your Village Bathroom

I'll bring you water from the well...

Fresh water right from the well. Lovely village
Fresh water right from the well. Lovely village

☀️☀️☀️ Let's all go to the village!

To hug relatives, to drink water from the cistern, to shave our face by the clean air getting in from the window.

Grab the bottle from the shelf with the after shave oil for later -even if it splashes- baby,

and relax...

It 'll not stain cabinet knobs and handles.

Simplicity & Practicality adds beauty to the bathroom/Google image
Simplicity & Practicality adds beauty to the bathroom/Google image

You now realize, the shelf on the wall is wise and practical, after all.

Do you remember the plans when we renovated the place?

What were we talking about?

  • It can eliminate mirror holes and other bathroom damage.

  • And if you don't want to change the counter, another shelf adapted to the already existing washbasin performs the duties of a dressing room and uses all the available space in your favor!

  • You add flowers and towels, cosmetics and you 'll even have the pleasure, to feel proud of your economical renovation.

  • You won't forget a special wall lamp.

  • You 'll hide everything underneath with a cute curtain passed on a simple rail but add stylish pleats.

In this way, with smart moves, you renew your space without expenses and unnecessary chores.

A perfect list of stylish items does not exist, while everyone maintains his own taste in matters of elegance. Simplicity, however, always helps the comfortable use of a space and cost issues, of course.
😋( Most definitely! )

What colors?

Do you love warm colors like in this photo or the sweet floral ones?

The ideal would be to make frequent changes, so you can try many styles on fabrics and surfaces.

  1. Cotton light fabrics,

  2. sand beige linen or

  3. soft pale,

  4. green with

  5. pink cotton, thin material and easy to wash

  6. white and beige

They cause sweet feelings in people.


They don't want to be out of their traditional own place.

Another view suggests neutral colors and of course, off-white as they also add a calm feeling.

White is a perfect canvas surface to create an artistic mood.

It 's very interesting and easy to keep the walls clean playing with movable objects like

  • picture frames,

  • plants,

  • mirrors,

  • curtains...


Dare to be practical.

Try the calm beauty in your bathroom.

You relax and save money.

You try it and you deserve it.

Why not enjoying the power of simplicity in all designs for the beauty of your rooms

in your base house and in your little village, too?

And hurry up, handsome!

Grandparents and uncles are welcome you with ouzo and meze...


Hurry up, handsome! Ouzo & meze welcomes you.
Hurry up, handsome! Ouzo & meze welcomes you.

Lovely Greek ouzo & meze places
Lovely Greek ouzo & meze places



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