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Sleeping Time: 10 Smart Ways To Save Money Adding Beauty To Your Pajamas & Nightgowns

Creative & easy ideas to feel wonderful, staying at home, taking a sweet nap or falling in a lovely sleeping time.

You are ready to spend an amount of #money for your #sleeping comfort and #beauty.

A #click_away on stores or simple orders online sent by postal offices or #courier companies are available to help you in shopping. These ways work well on stores nowadays in the #pandemia's days.

Pajamas sets and #nightgowns blow up your mind admiring them everywhere, on catalogues, in websites, at your quick walk out on shop windows.

Or you just keep in mind a list about what you need to. For you and your lovely people. Respecting your full time #staying_at_home, the less you can do to treat yourself is to renew the sleeping cloth stuff you use to wear on these times.

“Do you have a preferation in mind for your sleepwear? Whether you prefer a trendy puffy set of #pajamas or you’re addicted to sexy satin ones - there’s a stunning style for everyone.”

Materials and #designs make you feeling lost in #styles. Your #child may hug those deep purple pajama full in yellow printed elephants. Your #body wants a sweet orange pajama full in blue stripes. Your best #friend always chooses glitter details on a silky nightgown and your husband maybe loves to wear thin white #T_shirts with smooth grey trousers. Otherwise, his buddy friend wears black real #tracksuits.

Even you want to suggest ideas to people, this kind of stuff is a #personal issue, as same as the perfume or underwears.

Nightwear: The abyss of style exists in our mind about this kind of items.

Are you ready to get yourself shocked? Some people use to sleep #naked if they keep a warm house in winter or living alone. Others use older #sporty or clothes made by elastic fabrics - or those items which look boring - while sleeping. So these ones get a new role as pajamas. Not bad as idea, specially if they still look great in quality.

And here it's you who comes to #transform relaxing clothes for home to awesome #stylish pajamas within your amazing skills on the sewing art.

Cause wallets and salaries wanting to kiss you for this smart economy. Do you agree with me?

Here are your 10 easy & effective ways to add beauty on boring clothes or pajamas & nightgowns.

  1. #Embroidery is a beautiful way to add letters, quotes, names and more on your items. Let your fantasy being your guide in this artistic trip. Don't feel surprized if people ask you more about this activity. Fell proud of yourself.

  2. Add a variety of #buttons in lines or in a sudden way on pants or sleeves.

  3. Cut on smart points with #scissors on the top adding another colorful piece of cloth under it. So pop result!

  4. #Drawings is an ideal and easy way to transform a pajama. Use ink pencils, a pallet & brushes with fabric colors and glitters. Children could surely enjoy this time.

  5. What about #ribbons? Bows or stripes sewed on fabrics look lovely, specially when they keep colors to cause antithesis to the main color.

  6. Pieces of other fabrics could shape a #patchwork style on a pajama, too.

  7. You can also add #stamps cut from olders but lovely T-shirts. Save them on new items reminding your past times wearing the originals.

  8. Add just a variety of #seams on edges of pants, or on sleeves and on the collar. Different colors add their own interest.

  9. Wear various colors at the same time: A blouse in flashy light green tones and pants in warm red tones add energy in your appearance. Just take a blouse you feel boring when you wear it out and suit it to #complementary_colors. Joyness starts from the bedroom!

  10. Use the #monochromatic way to feel mysterious & stylish. The only you can do is to try combinations in similar tones. Grey colors look dynamic & sporty when used close to basic white and black items.

Create your very own free wardrobe for sleeping time.

  • Deciding to do #economy is a nice thing, when you feel people close to you, who do not keep money even about their daily #needs.

  • Why to waste wealth on something you can do by yourself?

  • Of course, you deserve beautiful items for you and your people but when your #salary pains of the coin absence, a smart activity - using skills you never thought you have got - makes you feeling ambitious, #useful and worthy.

  • Think of all those small materials resting and eating dust in your sewing boxes. They also want to feel useful in this crazy world.

  • Let them help your fantasy.

  • Let them create a new list of clothes you was keeping in the storage.

  • Let yourself being #smart on saving money not even kept in plans.

Don't forget to thank your own creative part on this subject!

I 'm proud of you, did I told you?


Your action:

What do you use to wear when sleeping?

Do you feel relaxation in each style of pajamas or nightgowns?

Shall you try to transform various comfortable clothes to new pajamas?

Check on seminar page here in the site, too.

There are full Home Study Courses for you.

Sewing skills improvement exists almost in all of them to try yourself & increase your creativity.


Please feel free to answer me here and share the article to your social pages,

if you think it would be a good advice to your lovelies.

Keep in touch reading my free blog posts and thanks for joining my site here!

Creatively yours!


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